Our Portuguese Teachers

What do you think about studying Portuguese with your own Portuguese teachers? Did you know that you can also have your own online Portuguese teacher? Here, in Rio & Learn, we have many options according to your needs. Yeah! You can study online, in-person, in private or group classes…

Having a Portuguese Tutor is a great idea because you’ll be able to focus on your needs, topics, and themes that you want to learn. We also can accompany your learning pace, and go faster or slower according to your own development.

To achieve this, all of our teachers are dynamic and continually encourage students to participate in classes. Teachers are our key asset, so they receive regular evaluations to enhance your experience and their development.

All of the teachers at Rio & Learn are university-educated, native Brazilians. They are all experienced Portuguese teachers living here in Rio de Janeiro. Our programs follow specific activities and well-defined methods to ensure that teachers always follow the school’s dual methodology of Funlearning and Livelearning.

How will you learn Portuguese with our Teachers?

We have our own methods using Livelearning and Funlearning to make you learn fast while you have lots of fun and use the environment that surrounds you to improve your knowledge.

To enjoy all that we have to offer, you don’t have to be in Rio de Janeiro. If you can’t come to Brazil, we’ll bring Brazil to you through our online classes. In your classes with your online Portuguese teacher you’ll feel like you are in Rio through the experience. They’ll show and tell you everything you’ll need to know when you do come to Brazil.

Differently from when you contract one particular language teacher, with our select team of online Portuguese teachers you’ll be able to have different experiences with different teachers, and get to know them all. You can practice talking to different natives Portuguese speakers, with different accents, and ways of speaking. The more people you speak to, the more your Portuguese will develop. Don’t worry about keeping check on your development, every online Portuguese teacher is coordinated by the school and they share information with internal reports and meetings. This way all of them will have a complete profile of you for your class. But if you prefer to always have your own personal online Portuguese teacher or if you prefer one of us specifically, you can choose that and have classes just with your favorite teacher.

Check out our prices to have your own Portuguese tutor here.

Bruna Cardozo

Bruna is a qualified Portuguese/Spanish teacher. She loves to meet new people and new places! Bruna is also a true carioca and can help you to know the culture of every part of Rio! Imagine the fun you can have with her in the amazing views our city can offer!

Want to know a secret? Bruna simply loves horror movies and criminal series! So if you are a fan of it, you will go along just fine! She is also super into pagode and Brazilian funk! If you ask her what food she mostly eats, she will have a true Brazilian answer: açaí.

Oh yeah, she is one of our in-person teachers! Isn’t it cool?

Dayane Donato

Dayane Donato or Day loves to meet new people and get to know everything about different cultures from around the world. She is studying architecture at Estácio University. She also works as our Administrative Coordinator.

Day will be able to bring you a different aspect and idea of Brazil and tell you more about the northeast of Brazil. And with her you’ll be able to practice listening to a different way of speaking from the distinctive Rio carioca accent. She loves practicing sports such as surfing, hiking, and skateboarding. This teacher is crazy about Asian culture and of course a good drama, so if you’re from Asia you already have a special spot in her heart!

Diogo Gonçalves

Diogo, one of our Portuguese teachers in Rio de Janeiro, fell so in love with his profession that he also works as an English teacher. He is our most experienced teacher at the school and his experience teaching children makes him very good for students who are just beginning and taking their first steps in Portuguese.

Originally from Rio de Janeiro, he is about to graduate with a degree in Portuguese and English. If you want to have a nice conversation about soccer, MMA, jiu-jitsu or punk/metal music, he’s your guy. Diogo is a communicative person and his classes are really fun. You’ll see him a lot in our RioLIVE! Activities, a great opportunity to practice!

Igor Severo

Igor is our Online Academic Coordinator. He discovered his passion for teaching in 2007 but it was only in 2015 he decided to teach Portuguese as a second language. He graduated in Portuguese and English but also has a lot of curiosity and interest in Brazilian history.

In his free time he loves playing games on his consoles or computer, spending time with his two dogs, and traveling with his wife. But the moment he really shows his true identity is when Carnaval comes and he parades with his favorite samba school!

Laís Simão

Another member of our team is Laís! She was born and raised in the countryside of the state of Rio de Janeiro and brings a new accent into our mix. She loves to talk and is incredibly passionate about her job. You’ll have a hiking partner, a fellow foodie and a music & beer lover. Sometimes, you might find her in our RioLIVE! activities. She is our Coordinator for face-to-face classes!

She’s been teaching languages since 2012, so she has plenty of experience! Her goal is to help you speak Portuguese as fluently as possible, just like a real Brazilian. She is also studying languages at college.

Monique Follonier

Monique has a degree in teaching foreign languages and is currently studying teaching techniques! She is one of our online teachers. She is super nice and playful, and will make everything she can for you to feel comfortable. Laughter and friendship is not lacking in her class at all!

One secret from Monique: she is obsessed with perfect pronunciation, so prepare to pronounce everything like a true Brazilian! She also loves music (totally The Beatles fan!) and even some good pagode and samba!

Nathália Soares

Nathália Soares, or just Nathy to her students. She has a degree in Portuguese/ English and is currently studying her for her Masters degree. She has been teaching since 2013 and loves her job and is interested in literature, current affairs and politics. Nathy is one of our online teachers and also the coordinator of RioONLINE!

As a teacher, she will show you how to fall in love with grammar without even noticing it. You will also work a lot on your pronunciation! She is very patient and loves to meet new people… Oh, and she finds it very relevant that you know she is an Aquarius (yes, she loves astrology!).

Sabrina Alves

The name is Sabrina Alves, but you can call her Sabris for short! She was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, just by the international airport on Ilha do Governador. She loves to live in Rio, and has a Bachelor degree in Portuguese/English. Sabrina is one of our online teachers, and also helps out with the school’s administrative duties.

She has been teaching since 2016, and simply loves everything related to languages and learning. Her favorite subjects to have long conversations about are music, movies, astrology and the news! You can consider her a friend who will guide you through the challenges of learning Portuguese.

Samir Santos

Samir is from the south of Brazil and has recently moved to Rio. He loves visiting new places, even more with his students. He’s got a degree in Portuguese and is about to finish his master’s degree in the same field! Samir is one of our in-person teachers!

Since he comes from Brazil’s south, he can give you a nice perspective of different accents and aspects of our culture in Brazil! He is a very pleasant teacher to talk to, so you will end up having long conversations about our culture with him! He is also very eclectic when it comes to music! From funk to samba, he will share new bands and singers with you so you can learn Portuguese easier!

Portuguese Teachers in Rio

Are you in Rio and want to meet us and have classes face to face? We’re here for you! You can have group classes with us every morning at Rio & Learn, very close to the beach. You’ll interact with other students from around the world and get to know different cultures while all of you share the same goal: learning Portuguese. In our group classes you’ll be able to make friends and combine your classes with our RioLIVE! Activities to get to know Rio in a very special way. Our teachers will take you to the best spots in town and show you all the secrets only cariocas know.

If you’re in Rio or are planning on coming and want to study alone, that’s perfect too, you can get a Portuguese Private tutor! We’re waiting for you! Get a Portuguese language tutor, with Rio & Learn A La Carte course, and have a teacher dedicated to you and move around the town with them.

We have other options for you to have Portuguese classes in Rio!  Do you work in a Brazilian company or need Portuguese for your job? You can have our LiveBusiness! course that will help you speak Portuguese tailored to for your workplace.

If you want to learn very fast and get to know everything about the marvelous city, having Immersion Portuguese classes is a good idea. You’ll be immersed in the culture and life of Rio while your teachers will guide you thorough your journey learning Portuguese. We’ll show you the best spots and teach you how to be a true carioca!