Portuguese Verb Conjugation. Vamos Conjugar!

Hey! We’ve already seen a lot of Portuguese Verb Conjugation, right? We should do a little recap just to make sure you’ve got them all!

Portuguese Verb Conjugation is divided into three conjugations: First, Second and Third. But how do I know which is which?

Portuguese Verb Conjugation

It’s really simple! It’s all about the last two letters in a verb.
Let’s take a look at them!

Regular Verbs in Portuguese

First Conjugation (-AR) Second Conjugation (-ER/-OR) Third Conjugation (-IR)
Morar (To live) Comer (To eat) Discutir (To discuss, talk)
Falar (To speak, say) Dever (To be in debt, should) Construir (To build, construct)
Começar (To start, begin) Entender (To understand) Seguir (To follow)
Comprar (To buy) Receber (To receive) Subir (To climb, rise)
Precisar (To need) Cobrir (To cover)
Deixar (To leave) Vestir (To wear)
Usar (To use) Mentir (To lie)
Ficar (To stay, become) Pedir (To ask)
Tomar (To take, receive) Sentir (To feel)
Gostar (To like, enjoy) Dormir (To sleep)
Cantar (To sing)

Irregular Verbs in Portuguese

First Conjugation (-AR) Second Conjugation (-ER/-OR) Third Conjugation (-IR)
Dar (To give) Fazer (To do, make) Ouvir (To listen, hear)
Estar (To be) Ler (To read) Ir (To go)
Odiar (To hate) Trazer (To bring) Vir (To go)
Dizer (To say, talk)
Poder (To be able, can)
Querer (To want)
Trazer (To bring)
Ter (To have, possess)
Ser (To be)
Ver (To see, watch)
Saber (to know)
Caber (to fit)
Haver (to exist)
Perder (To lose)
Pôr (to put)

Lots of verbs for you, guys!
Don’t forget to practice them and stay tuned to A Dica do Dia for more free Portuguese lessons!

We hope to see you on our next Dica!
Hugs and kisses ♥ ♥

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