Post Office Vocabulary in Portuguese

Hi, galera!
If you want to send a postcard from Brazil to your family and friends you should look for a Post Office. So, let’s learn the post office vocabulary in Portuguese!

Post Office Vocabulary

Post Office Vocabulary in Portuguese. The post office: a agência.

Brazilian Portuguese Vocabulary. Post office cashier: o caixa.

Example of post Office Vocabulary in Portuguese. The letter: a carta.

Postcard in Portuguese: Os cartões postais.

Example of post Office Vocabulary. The package: O pacote / a encomenda.

Post Office Vocabulary in Portuguese. The envelope: O envelope.

Post Office Vocabulary in Brazilian Portuguese. The stamps: os selos.

Examples of post office employees in Portuguese. The postman: O carteiro.

Post office in Portuguese. The zip code: o cep.

Vocabulary of Post office in Brazil. The sender: O remetente.

Examples of Mail vocabulary in Portuguese. The recipient: o destinatário.

Examples of Portuguese vocabulary for Post office. Deliver the letter/package: Entregar a carta/ o pacote.

Post office vocabulary in Portuguese: The mail box: A caixa de correio.


That’s it, guys!
When was the last time you sent a postcard to someone? Let’s do something!
Send a post card from your country to Rio & Learn. We’ll love to receive one!

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  • A agência
  • O caixa
  • A carta
  • Os cartões postais
  • O pacote / A encomenda
  • O envelope
  • Os selos
  • O carteiro
  • O cep
  • O remetente
  • O destinatário
  • Entregar a carta / o pacote
  • A caixa de correio
  • The post office
  • The cashier
  • The letter
  • The postcards
  • The package
  • The envelope
  • The stamps
  • The postman
  • The zip code
  • The sender
  • The recipient
  • Deliver the letter / package
  • The mail box
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