Present Perfect in Portuguese

21 de November de 2020

Hello dear friends! Ready to learn Portuguese online? In Today’s Dica we’ll talk about theย present perfect in Portuguese. Tell us, what have you been doing recently?

What is the present perfect in Portuguese?

Comparing tenses in different languages can be tricky because we won’t always have equivalent tenses in each language. By luck, we can establish a relationship between the present perfect in Portuguese and the pretรฉrito perfeito composto.

This tense it is used to describe a repeated action that has occurred in the past, extending to the present. For example, something that we started doing months ago, but we still do nowadays.

To form the present perfect we must follow this structure:

Present Perfect in Portuguese formation: verb ter in the present + participle form of the main verb. Example: tenho falado.

As you can see, we’ll always use the verbย ter in the present tense and add our main verb in the participle form. The participle forms are used in the passive voice and compound tenses in Portuguese.

Let’s use the verb comerย (to eat), and observe how we conjugate it in the present perfect.

Eu tenho comido
Vocรช tem comido
Ele/ela tem comido
Nรณs temos comido
Vocรชs tรชm comido
Eles/elas tรชm comido

Examples of the present perfect in Portuguese

Ultimamente, eu nรฃo tenho dormido bem.
Lately, I haven’t been sleeping well.

Eles tรชm estudado Portuguรชs.
They have been studying Portuguese.

Nรณs temos juntado dinheiro para viajar.
We have been saving money to travel.

Ela tem conversado com a namorada bastante.
She has been talking to her girlfriend a lot.

Os estudantes tรชm ido ร s Atividades RioLIVE!
The students have been going to RioLIVE! Activities.ย 

Now it’s your turn!

What have you been up to lately? And how about your friends and family? Use the list below as inspiration and create sentences. At the end of this Dica, you’ll find some suggested sentences.

  • Falar sobre / Falar com
  • Comer
  • Dormir
  • Estudar
  • Passear
  • Sair
  • Beber

If you created a sentence that is not below, don’t hesitate to talk to us via our Facebook page and we’ll help you! And if you want to learn more about this, have Portuguese classes with us.

Hope you enjoyed today’s Dica! Until the next one!


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  1. Eu tenho falado muito com a minha famรญlia.
  2. Temos conversado sobre natureza e comida.
  3. Ela tem comido bastante pizza.
  4. Ultimamente ele tem dormido muito bem.
  5. Eles tรชm estudado Portuguรชs e outras lรญnguas.
  6. Eu tenho passeado nos parques perto da minha casa.
  7. Ultimamente nรฃo tenho saรญdo muito.
  8. Elas tรชm bebido cervejas toda semana.