Verbs Ver and Ler in Portuguese

31 de October de 2013

What’s up everyone?
Today’s Dica will teach you the Verbs Ver and Ler in Portuguese. Let’s see the conjugation of both of them to understand it better.

Verbs Ver and Ler in Portuguese

Even though they are similar, the verbs Ver and Ler have different purposes. Let’s start with the verb Ver.

Verb Ver in Portuguese


As you can see, the verb Ver is irregular. It’s used to talk about things or people you see. You can learn much more about this verb on our Dica of Portuguese Verb Ver.

Let’s see some examples using the verb Ver in Portuguese:

Examples with the verb Ver

Eu vejo muitas pessoas bonitas na praia.
I see many beautiful people on the beach.

Ele  a praia da janela do seu apartamento.
He sees the beach from his apartment’s window.

Vocês viram muitos turistas na Lapa?
Did you see many tourists at Lapa?

Nós vimos as belezas do Rio de Janeiro ano passado.
We saw the beauties of Rio de Janeiro last year.

Você verá o novo filme brasileiro no cinema?
Will you watch the new Brazilian movie in the cinema?

Eu verei se posso ajudar.
I will see if I can help.

Verb Ler in Portuguese


Notice that the conjugation of Ler is really similar to the conjugation of Ver in some cases, so it’s easier to know how to conjugate it. You can use it to talk about things you read such as a book, newspaper, blogs, etc.

Examples with the verb Ler

Você jornais todos os dias?
Do you read the newspaper everyday?

Nós lemos o jornal para saber o clima no Rio de Janeiro.
We read the newspaper to know about the weather in Rio de Janeiro.

Ela leu revistas enquanto esperava o ônibus.
She read magazines while she waited for the bus.

Eu li o jornal Meia Hora, mas eles leram O Globo.
I read the newspaper Meia Hora, but they read O Globo.

Nós leremos este livro no próximo semestre.
We will read this book next semester.

Vocês lerão todas as frases 3 vezes.
You will read all the sentences 3 times.

That’s it guys!
Now that we know the verbs Ver and Ler in Portuguese, answer the following questions:

Now it’s your turn!

Quantos livros vocês leem em um ano?
How many books do you read in a year?

Quantos filmes vocês veem em um ano?
How many movies do you watch in a year?

Bye Bye!
Hugs from Rio de Janeiro!

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