Playing Capoeira in Rio de Janeiro - Capoeira Weeks

R$ 240,00

Learn and practice capoeira, the Brazilian martial art, while learning Portuguese in Rio de Janeiro!

  • Evening Capoeira classes from Monday to Friday (8 pm to 10 pm or 8:30 pm to 10 pm) 9 hours per week.
  • Classes with a real Capoeira group.
  • It’s necessary to select a Rio & Learn Portuguese course in order to hire Capoeira Weeks.

You can add as many weeks as you want!

Pay just 96 BRL (Brazilian reais) per week via our website to reserve your Capoeira Weeks. The remaining amount you can pay on your first day at the school.


Have you ever heard of capoeira? Capoeira is a unique and essential part of Brazilian culture. It is a dance, a fight and a game all at the same time. To begin to understand a part of the culture of this beautiful country, it’s important to know what capoeira mean to its society. Come learn all about our Capoeira Weeks in Rio!

As Patrimony of Brazilian Cultural, Capoeira has its cultural heritage firmly rooted in Africa! This martial art delights people with its rhythmic sounds and the combination of fight and dance movements.

We invite you to have fun experiencing capoeira while learning Portuguese in this special combination of any of our Portuguese courses in Rio de Janeiro + Capoeira Classes. The RioLIVE! Activities are also included, which allow you to “live” the city and its culture.

Why should I participate in Capoeira Weeks with classes at Rio & Learn?

  • Learn Capoeira, an important part of Brazilian culture
  • Play and sing capoeira music, its engaging rhythms and Portuguese lyrics
  • Exercise your body while learning something new and practicing the language
  • Learn Portuguese
  • Meet new people and make new Brazilian friends
  • Have a unforgettable time in Rio!

During your capoeira weeks, you’ll be immersed in the capoeira culture, and learn about its history and importance in Brazil. You’ll be surrounded by different musical instruments, and you’ll be able to learn how to play them too! You’ll learn how to play the main instrument of capoeira: the berimbau.

Nice, right? You’ll move your body, learn a new sport, learn how to play instruments and sing in Portuguese as well! Singing the main songs of capoeira, is a essential part of this sport because it stimulates, awakens and transmits energy to participants connecting them to the emotional expression of the sport.

Ready to become a part of our culture in a very unique way? Learn capoeira with us in Rio, we guarantee you won’t regret it!