R$ 750,00R$ 900,00

Do an intensive course, choose 8 or 6 hours per day, with a private teacher dedicated to you and your business needs. Get to know how to act and adapt to a Brazilian corporate environment! A nice lunch with your teacher is included.

8 hours per day

  • 1 day – 900 reais
  • 1 week (5 days) – 4.000 reais
  • 1 month (20 days) – 15.000 reais

6 hours per day

  • 1 day – 750 reais
  • 1 week (5 days), 3.250 reais
  • 1 month (20 days), 12.000 reais

When you purchase your classes, you’re buying a quantity of days.


Do you work in a Brazilian company? Or do you need Portuguese for your job? We can help you speak Portuguese well, while having fun! Our LiveBusiness! course is designed for business managers or professionals who need to learn Portuguese quickly. Learning Portuguese in Brazil with us, will prepare you for your role with Brazilians.

We understand that you need to learn Portuguese quickly, and focused on your job. Having our LiveBusiness! Portuguese classes in Rio de Janeiro you’ll be immersed in Portuguese in order to help you learn and improve as quickly as possible. This is an intensive immersion course with a teacher dedicated to you, and you’ll work on topics and issues related to your business communication situations and talk about your own company, industry or sector.

Working in Brazil is very different to working in the country you may be used to. With our LiveBusiness! course we’ll show you how Brazilians behave in their work place and teach you how to act and behave to relate to the people here. The course is ideal for learning business vocabulary and expressions for day-to-day business interaction and for discovering cultural aspects of doing business in Brazil.Β 

If you need to make presentations in Portuguese, our LiveBusiness! classes will prepare you for that. We can even practice your presentations with you, help you write e-mails and communicate with your colleagues during our classes. We’ll teach you how Brazilian professionals think and help you deal with adversities and situations that you may encounter in your work place.Β 

Your classes will be designed specifically for you and your needs, but for us to do that you’ll need to tell us about your job, your area and special topics you want to learn. Our teachers’ aim is to prepare focused topics associated with what you will need in real life situations. It is possible for the teacher to accompany you to the places of your choice in Rio de Janeiro all the time speaking and learning Portuguese.Β  If it will help you, you can show us your workplace and talk us through your daily work routine. That way you’ll learn expressions, phrases and vocabulary while immersed in real-life situations, including in your own company. Having a voice within a gathering of colleagues, or being able to negotiate and close deals requires an elevated level of Portuguese and our LiveBusiness! course in Rio de Janeiro can guide you through that.

With your private teacher, you’ll leave the school and see parts of the city, using the environment that surrounds us to improve your learning process. Being immersed in the language and culture will stimulate you to retain the knowledge and you’ll learn quicker and in a much more effective way.

You will learn business Portuguese vocabulary specifically planned according to your job and your daily routine. We can help you write and understand documents, emails, presentations, spreadsheets, whatever you need! We’ll also show you the most effective ways to answer your clients emails or messages on LinkedIn.

With our classes you’ll feel comfortable and confident to speak in Portuguese to all levels of colleagues and to different types of clients. Answer emails appropriately, negotiate deals, discuss ideas with your peers and be ahead of the competition.

You will learn Portuguese so quickly that you simply won’t believe it.

The course includes lunch with the teacher every day, the only additional cost would be for any trips or site visits your teacher suggests will be helpful.

  • A teacher dedicated to you.
  • 40 hours immersion per week, 8 hours per day (or 30h/week, 6h/day).
  • Lunch with the teacher included.
  • Entrance fees/transport, where applicable, not included.

You can combine this with theΒ RioLIVE! Activities with prior agreement of your timetable with the school.

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8 hours, 6 hours