Online Portuguese Course – Group Classes

R$ 550,00

Price per week from 275 reais!

Learn Portuguese without leaving home, meanwhile making friends from around the world to practice your Portuguese! Have small group classes with only 2-6 people. Study with a native Portuguese language teacher from wherever you are! This online Portuguese course is 2 hours per day from Monday to Friday with 3 timetable options to suit your time zone: from 9 am to 11 am, from 2 pm to 4 pm or from 6 pm to 8 pm  (All times shown in Rio de Janeiro time).

Prices for online Portuguese course in group

The more weeks you book, the cheaper the classes will be:

Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 R$ 550,00
2 - 3 10 % R$ 495,00
4 - 7 20 % R$ 440,00
8 - 11 30 % R$ 385,00
12 - 23 40 % R$ 330,00
24+ 50 % R$ 275,00



Don’t worry, it’s ok if you can’t come to Brazil right now, you can still learn Portuguese with us online! With our online Portuguese course, you’ll have a taste of samba, caipirinha and summer sun without even leaving your home!!!

Our Portuguese language course online allows you to study and learn Portuguese… and share the experience with other students. So you will be able to practice and make friends that are willing to speak Portuguese as much as you are! Our group classes  are limited to 2-6 people. You will be learning from native teachers, based in Rio de Janeiro, who are well prepared to teach you everything you need to know.

Schedule and Place

Our classes will take place from Monday to Friday, 2 hours per day (10 hours/week), and you will be able to choose 3 timetable options to suit your time zone: from 9-11 am, from 2-4 pm or from 6-8 pm  (All times are shown in Rio de Janeiro time). You will meet in a virtual classroom, created by the school. Don’t worry, it’s very easy to get into the classroom. If you have any problems or doubts with this or while you learn Portuguese online with us, we will be online to help you. 

Development Monitoring

Different to other online courses, the school and our teachers will watch your progress and give a personalized follow up of your classes, in order to make sure that every week you are in a group with classmates of the same Portuguese level. So you can change groups weekly depending on how your performance in class is. It will help you to always be in a group with your current Portuguese level while advancing at your own pace. 

Language courses usually use a rigid system where all students in the same group need to study all the lessons together at the same pace, this means there are always groups with students of slightly different levels, as every person has a different learning speed. With Rio & Learn, if you evolve faster you can advance through the classes faster as well, and can even skip lessons that you don’t need anymore. On the other hand if you prefer to take it slower, it is not a problem, you will go at a comfortable pace and reinforce lessons without repeating the same educational content.

Once you’ve completed your course, you will be awarded a certificate. So, if you need proof that you can speak Portuguese, this is an online Portuguese course with a certificate.

Online Portuguese Course Benefits

  • Lessons from home or wherever there’s access to internet.
  • Costs more affordable because it is a group class.
  • Focus on oral (conversation) classes.
  • WhatsApp group with other students so you might practice anytime you so desire!
  • Classroom and our Jogo do Dia, which is a daily activitity to study even outside your classes.
  • A Dica do Dia, which is our daily newsletter with free Portuguese classes!
  • Make friends from around the world to talk in Portuguese.

What are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to learn a new language and exercise your brain! Are you ready to learn Portuguese online?

Your Classes Calendar

It is a group course, so usually you can’t change your course dates, but take a look at these details to help you out to organize yourself. If you want to buy a bundle of weeks and you already know which dates you want to study and which dates you don’t, you just send us your schedule by email to at the time of buying, and we will schedule it for you. Remember we do need this information at the time of buying!

If you buy a big bundle of weeks, you have advantages too. You can make some changes! For every 10 weeks purchased in a bundle, you will be able to make one change. You will need notifying the school by email or WhatsApp five days before the first day of the change. And as a special bonus, if you buy a semester of 24 weeks, you can make up to three changes!

Holidays in Brazil 2023

In Brazil, we have some holidays that you don’t have in your country. But we don’t want you to lose any of your classes from your online Portuguese course, so we’ll show you the Brazilian holidays. Also you will see on this link, the holidays that only happen in Rio de Janeiro, and they can also affect our schedule. So whenever we have a holiday on a weekday, you’ll receive more hours of classes on another day. That way, you’ll still have the same number of hours that you bought and won’t lose anything.

When we have a weekday holiday, to make up for the two hours class on that day, you’ll have one more hour of class the day before the holiday and also another hour on the Friday of the same week. For example if the holiday falls on a Wednesday, for example, you’ll have one more hour of class on Tuesday and another extra hour on Friday. If the holiday is on Friday, we’ll split this two hour class and give you an extra hour on Tuesday and again on Wednesday of the week of the holiday (not on the day before). When the holiday is on a Monday, you’ll recover the hours of classes on Tuesday and Friday.

If you study from 9 to 11 or 14 to 16 (Brazilian time) the additional hour is going to be added after your class. But if you study from 18 to 20, the additional hour is going to be added before your class. This will be how we will add the hour:

We organize it like this because we don’t want you to lose any of your classes from your online Portuguese course, and this way you won’t 😉 But remember: if we have two holidays in the same week, we won’t have full-time lessons that week.

1 review for Online Portuguese Course – Group Classes

  1. Lizzy

    I would highly recommend this school for its quality Portuguese classes, excellent teachers and staff and very affordable prices.

    If you were like me, you might doubt at first the “fun-learning method.” What does this mean? Is this possible? I was so convinced after one trial lesson. Originally I signed up for part-time and within weeks I changed to full-time only thinking just 6 months, but I keep signing up again because its so effective the way they teach.

    I have been taking full-time online classes for 8 months now and every teacher is excellent. They do powerpoint display so it’s very easy to see and learn, and you learn Portuguese very fast because its not based on memorization.

    Every teacher is very loving, patient, fun, caring and they all desire to see you succeed to the best of your ability. The atmosphere is always comfortable and fun and you will feel at ease in seconds.

    The groups are always small and they do pay attention to your learning. The levels are very accurate and they do try their best.

    A few months ago a mistake was made on my schedule and to show appreciation to me, they gave me a week free of classes. I would highly recommend this school for their customer service as well. They do try their best to solve any problems.

    Thanks Rio and Learn for the excellent experience!

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