Portuguese Classes for Business

R$ 120.00

Price per hour from 105 reais!

Private Portuguese classes for Business online or at the student’s workplace in Rio de Janeiro. Schedule your classes at the time of your choice from 8:00 a.m. to 8 p.m. Rio de Janeiro time on week days (Monday to Friday).

Prices for Private Portuguese classes for Business

Get a better deal buying more hours!

  • 10 hours, 1.200 reais (130 reais per hour)
  • 20 hours, 2.300 reais (115 reais per hour)
  • 50 hours, 5.500 reais (110 reais per hour)
  • 100 hours, 10.500 reais (105 reais per hour)


Speaking in a meeting or closing deals requires a good level of Portuguese, so our Portuguese classes for Business will guide you through that. You can study here in Rio with us or online from wherever you are in the world!

You will learn Portuguese business vocabulary specifically planned for you relating to your job and you working routine. We will prepare your classes based on your company, industry, area of work. You can show us more about your office, department or even the type of service you offer or the type of client you have. This will help you engage in better business-to-business and business-to-consumer conversations and change your mindset to Brazilian business culture.

Don’t worry about leaving work early and coming to the school to have your classes. Rio & Learn will send teachers to your workplace in Rio de Janeiro at your preferred time. You have the flexibility to schedule your private classes from 8:00 a.m to 8 p.m. and we will be there! Or you can have online classes from the comfort of your house, or even in your workplace. If you need to reschedule a class because of an important meeting or event, let us know 24 hours before and we’ll choose a better day.

Before you start learning Business Portuguese in Rio de Janeiro you can inform us of your office’s address. You can even present your workplace to our teachers. If you’re not in Rio and want to share anything about your workplace with us, you can still show us through your camera in your online classes.

We’ll offer a more customized business class as well as improving your learning process. We are going to help you understand the documents you need in your job such us contracts, spreadsheets, terms and conditions or show you the best way to answer your clients emails or messages on LinkedIn. Feel confident to talk in Portuguese to all levels of colleagues you have or to different types of clients.

Advantages of Portuguese Classes for Business

  • Private online classes or at your workplace in Rio
  • Lessons related to your working routine and vocabulary
  • Improve your professional Portuguese skills
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Up to 4 hours of classes a day
  • RioLIVE! Activities included if you’re in Rio de Janeiro

We also have different types of Business courses and you can find all of them on our Portuguese for Business page. If you have other needs related to your Business, these courses will help.

Answer emails appropriately, close deals, negotiate with your prospects and be ahead of the competition. With our private Portuguese classes for Business it’s always win-win.

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