Portuguese Group Classes – Rio & Learn inGroup

R$ 1.000,00

Price per week from 575 reais!

Learn Portuguese in a group with native Portuguese teachers and get to know Rio (like the back of your hand!) with your new friends! With our Rio & Learn inGroup classes you’ll learn while having a lot of fun! Visit the best spots in Rio de Janeiro to practice and improve your Portuguese after every class, with our RioLIVE! Have 4 hours of class a day, Monday to Friday (20 hours per week), from 9 am to 1 pm. Group classes are with only 2-6 people. RioLIVE! Activities are included.

Prices for Group Portuguese classes in Rio

The more weeks you book, the cheaper it will become:

  • 1 week, 1000 reais
  • 2 to 3 weeks, 900 reais per week
  • 4 to 5 weeks, 710 reais per week
  • 6 to 9 weeks, 650 reais per week
  • 10 to 15 weeks, 610 reais per week
  • +16 weeks, 575 reais per week


The best way to learn a new language is to be immersed in the country and culture. For that reason, we invite you to come learn Portuguese with us here in Brazil, with our Rio & Learn Portuguese Group Classes.

Our Portuguese Group Course is the most popular course at Rio & Learn. Itโ€™s perfect for students that come to Brazil for a few weeks or months and want to enjoy Rio de Janeiro while learning Portuguese.

Our main goal with our Portuguese Group Classes is to enable students to speak, understand, and to be understood in Portuguese. Forget about memorizing basic sentences, with us, you are going to learn how to speak for real. We want you to speak with people when you are out and about, with your housemates and neighbors, and also have interesting conversations with your teachers!

Our Rio & Learn inGroup classes are focused on oral conversation and your teachers are always going to encourage you to speak and practice with new friends. Our Portuguese groups are small and within a friendly environment, which means youโ€™ll be able to develop your Portuguese as well as getting to know different people. We can talk about everything that you want to: music, movies, our Brazilian way of life…

Weโ€™ll teach you grammar and all about Brazilian culture. Youโ€™ll not only learn how to speak Portuguese, but also how Brazilians live and be able to experience this way of life for yourself. With everyday expressions and slang you’ll make a lot of Brazilian friends at parties, at the beach, in bars…

Youโ€™ll be able to speak to people in the supermarket, on the beach, or wherever you are. Besides teaching all the grammar rules, we are going to show you how people really speak on the street. Donโ€™t worry, you wonโ€™t be speaking like a robot, we’ll make sure of that! Youโ€™ll learn Portuguese slang and abbreviations that native people use on a daily basis (and also some bad words, to be able to curse in Portuguese too hahaha!)

To make learning more efficient and fun, we have our Funlearning methodology that will help you learn a lot without even realizing that youโ€™re studying. With music, games and fun dynamics, youโ€™ll learn everything you need and laugh while having lots of fun.

Our methodology is not traditional at all; you wonโ€™t be stuck inside a classroom with a book until you finish a specific level. To help the environment and instead provide different and fun material, we donโ€™t use books. Our online material is prepared specifically for our students with fun and amusing content that encourages students to speak. And your progress from one level to the next is based on your improvement shown during the classes. The more you participate in our classes and in our RioLIVE! Activities, the more your Portuguese will improve and youโ€™ll be able to move up through the levels faster.

We donโ€™t focus on memorizing all the rules and vocabulary. We want you to learn while you experience the Brazilian way of life. If you are going to learn about fruit, for example, thereโ€™s no use being in stuck inside a classroom only reading lists of fruit, right? So, weโ€™ll take you out! Weโ€™ll take you to a farmerโ€™s market, a fruit fair, and youโ€™ll learn all the vocabulary you need while tasting the amazing Brazilian fruits. Each time you’ll learn a bit more about Brazilians, you probably know already that we are super friendly and we like to talk a lot, especially to foreigners. Going to a street market, youโ€™ll see that people will come up to talk to you and youโ€™ll be able to practice your Portuguese with native people that you’ve never met before! And of course, buy some great fruit if you want to. We know that learning content in an immersed state, being relaxed and engaged, makes it possible to assimilate knowledge better.

Livelearning encourages you to use Portuguese continually so you acquire expressions and language without realizing it, and without hours of tedium! Can you imagine drinking beer or a caipirinha while you learn Portuguese? In our classes youโ€™ll be able to do that. Youโ€™re going to walk on our sunny beaches and sit down to have a drink with your classmates and teacher and still learn everything you need to. In addition to classes, we’ll also visit places like Lapa to dance, drink, and have fun in Portuguese, yes you better believe it!

In our Portuguese Group Classes, youโ€™ll study with other people from around the world. So youโ€™ll be able to make new friends and practice your Portuguese together!

The perfect and ideal complement to your Rio & Learn inGroup classes are the RioLIVE! Activities that we offer in the afternoons. So in the morning, youโ€™ll have your class and then youโ€™ll have the opportunity to get to know Rio de Janeiro with a teacher, to understand the perspective of a native person. Your teachers are going to take you to the best spots in Rio as well as some secret spots that many foreigners do not know. Youโ€™ll feel like a true carioca!

Rio & Learn does not organize the groups with only Spanish speakers because we believe that this is not beneficial for our students. We know that Portuguese and Spanish are similar languages, but when we organize groups with only Spanish speakers it encourages them to speak โ€œPortunholโ€ (a mix of Spanish and Portuguese). And we donโ€™t want you to speak portunhol, we want you to speak Portuguese! Having classes with people who all have different mother languages, will make you push yourself harder and learn Portuguese more effectively. If you learn fast, you’ll be able to jump to the next level very quickly. This means that in one week you can be at the beginners level and in the following week you’re already intermediate :O ! In Rio & Learn you are always in a class with students who are at the same level as you, and classes can change every week. Your progress depends on you!

Come to Rio & Learn, get to know our students, staff and our Rio & Learn inGroup classes. Youโ€™ll feel the comfortable and fun atmosphere that we create for you to learn and encourage you to be your best!

Benefits of Group Portuguese Classes in Rio

  • Small groups for all levels
  • Learn at your rhythm, groups and levels are adapted every week
  • Learn about Brazilian culture with local people
  • Being in a group, it is a more affordable price
  • Focus on oral (conversation) classes
  • Make friends from all over the world to talk in Portuguese
  • Join our RioLIVE! Activities after class

What better time to learn Portuguese in Rio than now? Don’t delay it anymore and book your classes!

Your Class Calendar

It is a group course, so you can’t change the dates of the classes. However, at the moment you buy a package, you can let us know which weeks you will be able to study and which you won’t. You must send your schedule by email to info@rioandlearn.com, and we will rearrange it to best suit your needs. Remember that if we don’t receive your personal schedule at the same moment as your purchase the course, your classes will be automatically scheduled.

If you buy a big package you have some advantages too! As well as the better price per week, you can have more flexibility during the course. For every 10 weeks purchased in a package, we understand your itinerary may need need flexibility, and so you will be able to make one date change. Just notify the school by email or Whatsapp five days before the first day of the change.


Holiday Days in Brazil 2022

In Brazil we have lots of holidays! Some of them are International, but most are local, so pay attention to when they are. But what about classes?? Will you miss those days?? Of course not! We will rearrange the schedule of that particular week so you don’t miss a single minute of learning.

If a holiday happens to fall during the week, on the other days we will have an extra hour of class, totaling the 4 hours missed. So classes will be from 8:30 to 13:30 on those days.

However, in weeks with 2 or more holidays, we won’t have group classes at all that week. So, if you have a limited time in Rio, we suggest before booking your classes to check out the holiday schedule for the city. But if you have an unlimited time here, don’t worry, we will simply extend one extra week of the course.

We organize it this way in order to maximize your time here and learn all you can while in Rio!