Learn à la Carte with a Portuguese Private Tutor

R$ 160,00

Learn Portuguese with a Portuguese Private Tutor whenever and wherever you want in the Marvelous City!

  • Total flexibility to arrange your Learn à la carte classes.
  • Choose your lessons and where they are take place.
  • Have classes any day of the week, including weekends.
  • RioLIVE! Activities are included on the days you have class.



Imagine a teacher dedicated to you anytime! A person that will give you the best tools to improve your Portuguese. Someone that teaches you all you need to learn in the comfort of your home, in your office, at the beach or at a café. That’s who our Portuguese private tutor will be in your Learn à la carte classes.

Rio & Learn has incredible Brazilian Portuguese tutors and they are eager to be with you. You choose the date, time and place and we’ll attend it, as long as it’s within the city of Rio de Janeiro or even online. You can even choose your Portuguese home tutor. Once you’ve had classes with different teacher, let us know who was your favorite!

Having a Brazilian Portuguese tutor is a great advantage on learning the language. The teacher will provide a special treat to your needs, choosing with you what is best to study. This will speed up your speaking process as well as develop all your abilities with portuguese faster.

For these special Learn à la carte classes you can also study on weekends, what makes them perfect for the students who have very short time to study during weekdays or need a higher flexibility on schedules. It’s great for professionals too! We can send the teacher to your office any time of the day that suits you best, and the lessons are going to attend your professional needs.

And remember, if you want to ask for a specific lesson or change the schedule of your classes, all you have to do is tell us one day before. Your Portuguese private tutor is always going to be prepared if you talk to us in advance.

Why do you need a Private Portuguese tutor:

  • A teacher dedicate to you
  • Choose the best place in Rio to learn Portuguese
  • Choose your lessons
  • Learn à la carte classes any day of the week, including weekends
  • Organize your classes with more flexibility
  • RioLIVE! Activities included

Add a personal touch to your Portuguese learning with a Portuguese home tutor. Customized private classes in your home or wherever you want in Rio de Janeiro at the best time of the day for you. Remember that you can combine it with any of our Portuguese Courses.