Rio & Immersion

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Our Rio & Immersion course is a total Immersion Portuguese course where you will learn Portuguese so fast, you won’t believe it. You can reach Portuguese advance level in 4 weeks if you are a Latin language speaker or in 8 weeks otherwise.

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Do you want to learn Portuguese, but you don’t have much time? The Rio & Immersion Portuguese Course is perfect for you. You can visit Rio de Janeiro,  get to know the best spots in town and learn Portuguese quickly. Can you believe it could be so easy?

The best way to learn a new language is by learning it with the natives of a country that speak your chosen language. If you want to speak Portuguese, why not come learn with us in Rio with our beautiful beaches and good weather to experience Portuguese immersion?

With our Portuguese Immersion Program in Brazil, you’ll have a teacher exclusively for you to address all your needs and keep up with your learning pace. Forget about spending a whole day inside the classroom, we’ll take you out to explore this marvelous city! With the teacher, you will leave our school and move around the city, and experience learning in and through a multitude of environments. This way you will be able to learn much faster and you’ll soon be communicating in Portuguese without even realizing it! We’ll take you to the fruit market to learn about fruits, to the restaurant and supermarket to learn about food. Want to learn about drinks and beers? Let’s go to a bar and drink one together! Being really immersed in the local culture with native people will make you learn and help you retain your knowledge.

Forget about memorizing all the grammar rules and studying with a book. We will make you talk! For our teachers the most important thing is that our students are able to express themselves in Portuguese. They’ll help you learn with empathy, patience and in a very fun way. We promise that you’ll laugh a lot and have lots of fun! We can assure you of this because of our Funlearning methodology. Our teachers know that the best way to learn something is when we have fun!

The course includes lunch with the teacher every day. We will choose nice restaurants and we’ll pay for your meal. Nice, right? You just have to pay for the trips, so you can travel around and explore while learning.

We will help you to combine this with RioLIVE! Activities with prior arrangement for the timetable of the school. The RioLIVE! Activities will be the perfect opportunity for you to practice everything you’ve learned during the day and make friends. You’ll meet other Portuguese students that are willing to speak Portuguese as much as you are. So you’ll have the complete package of our Portuguese immersion school. Want to get to know more about us and our activities? Check out our Facebook page!

In your Rio & Immersion classes you’ll get:

  • A teacher dedicated to you
  • The chance to explore this marvelous city
  • Lunch with the teacher included
  • All day one-to-one Immersion Classes.
  • RioLIVE! Activities.

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