Climbing in Rio de Janeiro – Climbing Weeks

R$ 1.090,00

Want to explore the amazing landscapes of Rio de Janeiro in a different way? Climbing in Rio is an unforgettable experience! Let’s get to know this marvelous city in a very unique and adventurous way!

  • A climbing teacher will accompany you.
  • Go on an adventure while you practice Portuguese.
  • 3 afternoon climbing sessions per week, up to 3 hours each. Equipment included!
  • It’s necessary to select a Rio & Learn Portuguese course in order to book Rock Climbing in Rio.

You can add as many weeks as you want!

Pay R$ 340,00 per week in the website as part of your Climbing Weeks. The rest of the amount you will pay at your first day at the school.



Want to explore the amazing beauties of the marvellous city by getting in touch with nature in a different way? By rock climbing in Rio de Janeiro you’ll have an incredible opportunity to get to know the marvellous city from a unique perspective while really enjoying the stunning scenery and natural beauty. These memorable moments will for sure last forever!!! That’s why Rio & Learn offers Portuguese courses in Rio de Janeiro + Climbing. You will have 3 climbs per week. You can also attend the RioLIVE! Activities which allow you to “live” the city and its culture.

Did you know that Rio is a city that has many different peaks to climb? This topography is a very important part of our culture. Not only because of the favelas, a significant part of the carioca community, but also due to the unique beauty that they bring to our landscape. Rio is a city filled with hills and surrounded by mountains, and for that reason we have many options for hiking and climbing here.

Step out of your comfort zone, and let’s go together on a journey of adventure! Want to connect with nature and see one of the best views in Rio from the top? This is a perfect opportunity for you to explore the morros cariocas! You’ll be able to practice Portuguese with a private teacher while you’re in touch with nature (literally, because you’re climbing in Rio de Janeiro, got the joke? Hahahaha). So you’ll be able to have a special memory about your time in this amazing city!  

How do I know where I will climb?

Undoubtedly, the ascent to each of the peaks in Rio de Janeiro entails varying levels of difficulty. So, how do you determine which climb is right for you? It’s simple! Your instructor will assess your climbing experience level — whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced — and make a well-informed decision. Our top priority is ensuring you have a safe and captivating experience tailored to your abilities.

If you’re new to climbing or have never tried it before, your instructor will likely recommend an easy climb, such as a rock in Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas. Even though this is considered a beginner level, the breathtaking views make it worthwhile, providing you with valuable experience to tackle more challenging climbs in the future.

For those at an intermediate and advanced level, Morro da Babilônia or Morro do Cantagalo are viable options. These climbs are more demanding but guarantee a sense of accomplishment. They also offer an opportunity to explore different neighborhoods in Rio, enhancing your familiarity with our city.

The key takeaway is to trust your instructor’s choice. They will select the best climbing option based on your capabilities, ensuring you have an enjoyable experience no matter the chosen route!

Why should I do rock climbing in Rio de Janeiro?

  • A different activity and opportunity to get to know Rio.
  • Private teacher to make you practice Portuguese all the time.
  • Once in a life time experience.
  • 3 afternoon climbing sessions per week, up to 3 hours each.
  • Equipment included.
  • It’s necessary to select a Rio & Learn Portuguese course in order to hire our Climbing Weeks.
  • RioLIVE! activities included in the days you don’t have a climbing scheduled.

What are you waiting for? Come climb in Rio de Janeiro with us!

Think about the stories and the pictures you’ll have to show to your friends and family! An opportunity to bond and experience the city in a way most people wouldn’t be able to. You’ll feel the freedom of being submersed in nature, and the adrenaline of exploring and going on an adventure! Sounds incredible, right?