Samba Dancing in Rio de Janeiro - Samba Weeks

R$ 500,00

Enjoy the experience and feel as a real carioca learning how to dance samba in Rio de Janeiro!

  • Samba lessons from Monday to Friday (6 hours per week).
  • 2 hours per day, 3 times a week in the afternoon.
  • A Private Samba Teacher for you
  • It’s necessary to select a Rio & Learn Portuguese course in order to hire Samba Weeks.
  • We can schedule your Samba Classes so that you can participate on our RioLIVE! Activities.

You can add as many weeks as you want!

Pay R$ 200,00 per week in the website as part of your Samba Weeks. The rest of the amount you will pay at your first day at the school.


Enjoy the experience and feel like a real Carioca with our Samba Dancing classes in Rio de Janeiro! You’ll have a private teacher that will help you discover our Marvelous City’s people and culture through music and dance. Get ready to have fun practicing samba in this special combination of any of our Portuguese courses in Rio de Janeiro + Samba Weeks.

Your Samba Class in Rio de Janeiro will be every weekday for two hours and you can buy as many weeks as you wish. The more, the better! We’ll teach you the same Samba that you see Brazilians dancing in the Rio Carnival. You will dance to the sound of the drums, and will be contaminated by the vibrating energy that Samba exudes. In addition, you’ll find that Samba is a fast rhythm therefore requiring a lot of energy, so you’re also going to burn lots of calories and have a beautiful body to show off on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro!

With our Samba classes in Rio de Janeiro, you can go out dancing in a different place every night. Samba is the main rhythm in Rio so you can show your talent at Pedra do Sal, Lapa or when you visit a Samba School and you’ll be making Brazilians drop their jaws in amazement. You could even dance in Carnival. Can you imagine yourself doing that? We can!

Check out our RioLIVE! Blog and see how our students became stars of Carnival, Pedra do Sal and other places after their Samba Lessons in Rio de Janeiro! should I stuy Portuguese and Samba at Rio & Learn?

  • Learn Samba, the most famous dance in Brazil
  • Learn Portuguese
  • Meet new people and make new Brazilian friends after class
  • Live great experiences in Rio de Janeiro

In order to turn you into the perfect Samba dancer, we’ll provide a teacher exclusively for you and guess what!… Your teacher has danced in some of the greatest Samba Schools in Rio de Janeiro. How amazing is that?

But remember, our Samba Lessons in Rio de Janeiro are for Rio & Learn students so if you want to learn how to dance to the most famous Brazilian rhythm, all you have to do is choose one of our Portuguese courses. Besides learning Samba dancing in Rio de Janeiro, you’ll also be able to speak Portuguese to anyone. Even after the classes you’ll keep enjoying the experience by making new Brazilian friends using your Portuguese and showing them the great Samba dancer inside you!

That is not all!! We can arrange your Samba Class in Rio de Janeiro at a time that will allow you to also join us on all of our RioLIVE! Activities so you won’t miss a thing. You’ll practice Samba, practice Portuguese and get to know the Marvelous City including its rich music culture! What are you waiting for?