Cleaning Products in Portuguese

Cleaning Products in Portuguese: Produtos de limpeza em Português.
Get ready because it’s cleaning day!
Let’s learn a short list of cleaning products in Portuguese. Let’s see what are the most commonly used day-to-day products:

Cleaning Products

Sabão em pó
Água sanitária
Lustra móveis
Washing powder
Sanitary water
Furniture polish

Now, let’s see some examples so that we can better understand how to use each one of these products we have just seen:

Examples with cleaning products in Portuguese

Eu uso sabão em pó para lavar as roupas.
I use washing powder to wash clothes.

Nós usamos o amaciante para deixar as roupas macias e perfumadas.
We use softener to make clothes soft and fragrant.

Para lavar a louça eu prefiro usar detergente neutro.
To wash the dishes I prefer using neutral detergnet.

O alvejante que ela usa deixa as roupas muito brancas.
The bleach she uses makes clothes really white.

Para limpar o vaso sanitário devemos usar água sanitária e luvas.
To clean the toilet we should use sanitary water and gloves.

Usamos o desinfetante para eliminar os germes e deixar a casa perfumada.
We use disinfectant to kill germs and make the house scented.

Com o lustra móveis toda sua mobília vai ficar limpa e brilhosa.
With the furniture polish all your furniture will be clean and shiny.

O desengordurante serve para limpar a gordura do fogão.
Degreaser is used to clean grease from the stove.

This is it!
Now that we know the cleaning products in Portuguese, we can do that heavy cleaning in the house. If you want other Dicas or have doubts about Portuguese talk to us. We’ll be waiting for you on our Twitter.

A tight hug for you all!
We see you in Rio de Janeiro.

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