Alto astral no Forte do Leme.

View of Forte do Leme in RJ

A group of us students went with Professor Lucas to the Forte do Leme for a RioLIVE! Activity. We walked along Copacabana Beach from the Rio & Learn school to the Forte. Once we arrived at our destination, we hiked to the top of the Forte. During the hike, we encountered little monkeys that we were able to feed bananas too! And once we were at the top, there were incredible views of Copacabana Beach for one direction, and Guanabara Bay / Niterói for the other direction. Also, of course we practiced Portuguese! I appreciated how Professor Lucas spent time with each person asking questions and letting use what we have been learning in class.

Nicholas Jaeger, Estados Unidos

sitting drinking a beer on the wall of Leme

Our adventure began with the ascent to Forte do Leme, right at the beginning of the tour. Playful banter and laughter filled the path until we encountered incredibly friendly monkeys who showed no fear of humans; on the contrary, they relished the attention of everyone. When we reached the top, we wondered how the fort defended the city from such a height, but after talking to the military personnel, our question was answered. We ended the day watching a beautiful sunset from a bar in Leme while savoring an ice-cold beer. An incredible day for everyone involved.

friends having fun in Rio de Janeiro

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On top of the mountain in Rio de Janeiro

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