Futebol em Copacabana

Beach Soccer in Copacabana. Football at the Copacabana beach.

Meeting: 16:00h at Rio & Learn
Costs: Free

How about a Beach Soccer in Copacabana with the locals?

We at Rio & Learn have been thinking what would be the most perfect activity to integrate all the students, the Brazilian culture and our costumes in the funnest way possible…we didn’t have to think too hard to be honest 😉

For sure you know that futebol (football, soccer) is the most important sport in Brazil. We breathe futebol…it’s like a religion to us. The reason why this sport is so popular in Brazil is due to the fact that it is extremely democratic. All you need is a ball…not even shoes or a goal. Anyone can play!!! So what about joining two of the most important things in Rio de Janeiro, futebol and beach? Have you ever been able to play soccer on the beach? And what about doing it in Brazil?

Show us your skills (or the lack of) in a friendly match with your fellow students and locals in today’s RioLIVE! Activity. Come and play, or sit down and watch, however you prefer! It will be the perfect opportunity to make new friends, speak Portuguese, practice what you have learned in class, crack a few laughs, exercise a bit and tan your bodies in the process!!! How great is that?
After class we are going to play together, enjoy the sun, the beautiful people and the sea at Copacabana Beach. So grab your sunscreen, sunglasses, havaianas and cangas and let’s go!!!

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Football in Copacabana. Beach Soccer with Rio & Learn
Futebol at the beach. Beach Soccer with Rio & Learn

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