Ótimo passeio na lagoa

28 de julho de 2017
Ótimo passeio na Lagoa.
Ótimo passeio na Lagoa.


Parque das catacumbas is an old site of a favela which was ripped down many years ago, it is now a park which can be visited. There is a trail to walk up which can be a little steep at times, along the way there is historic information about the favela and todays goings on. The view from the top is excellent of the lake and surrounding features.

After the trail we went down to the lake and hired bicycles to ride around the lake, it was jolly good fun and very flat terrain. We laughed a lot and stopped for photos along the way. Another fun day out with RioLIVE!.

Greg, England.


Selfie no parque das catacumbas.
Selfie no Parque das Catacumbas.

Ontem nós tivemos um ótimo passeio na Lagoa. Começamos a nossa RioLIVE! no parque das catacumbas, fizemos uma pequena caminhada e no topo tivemos uma vista realmente incrível da cidade maravilhosa.


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Em seguida pegamos as nossas bicicletas e demos uma volta completa no entorno da lagoa Rodrigo de freitas. O dia estava muito lindo e nossas fotos ficaram maravilhosas.


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