Puta que pariu meaning

5 de June de 2018

Hey, guys! My name is Carlos Del Castillo, I’m from Colombia.
I’ve been studying at Rio & Learn for 3 and a half months. Today I’ll give you a Dica about Puta que pariu meaning, like the literal one and the way you can express in Brazilian way, so I just hope you’ll enjoy it!

Puta que pariu meaning

Puta que pariu literally means the prostitute who gave birth. Funny right?
But that’s not how we use it. It’s an expression. There are different ways to use it, the first one, Puta que pariu is used as a negative interjection. It’s used to show frustration or disappointment.

Puta que pariu for frustration

Playing video game

Igor: Ai, quebrei a espada! Ah puta que pariu! Morri!
: Oh, I broke the sword! Oooh fuck! I died!


Depending on the context, Puta que pariu can be very offensive:




Offensive Puta que pariu

Watching a football match

Igor: Cruza! Cruza animal! Ah vai pra puta que pariu! Joga nada!
: Cross it! Cross it, dumb-ass! Oh go fuck yourself! This guy can’t play!


And last but not least, Puta que pariu is used to refer to a very, very distant place:

Puta que pariu for distante places

[one_half]Igor: Passa lá em casa no sábado!
Diogo: Claro! Onde você mora?
Igor: Em Bangu.
Diogo: Sério?? Tu mora na puta que pariu!![/one_half][one_half_last]Igor: Pay me a visit on Saturday!
Diogo: Sure! Where do you live?
Igor: In Bangu.
Diogo: Really?? You live pretty fucking far!![/one_half_last]

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Hope you like it and see you later guys!


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