Putting the feet to samba

Poniendo los pies a sambar
Putting the feet to samba.
Putting the feet to samba.

Yesterday we participated in a samba class with the samba teacher, Castrinho. The class went for one hour and we learnt a short routine including various samba steps. What great fun we had!!!

Giselle Newton, Australia

Rehearsing the first steps.
Rehearsing the first steps.

Yesterday our Portuguese students had an afternoon of Samba class here at Rio & Learn. Because it is very famous not only in Brazil but also abroad, the rhythm is loved by all our foreign students, but sometimes we need a little help! Castrinho (our beloved dance teacher) is here to give us a hand. Let’s start putting the feet to samba. That was the ideal opportunity to learn dancing, practice Portuguese and burn some calories too!

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