Quiet in Portuguese

27 de May de 2019

Hey friends, tudo tranquilo? In today’s Dica we are going to learn about the word Quiet in Portuguese. Quiet can have different meanings and we are going to see all of them now!

Tranquilo Meaning

First of all, in Portuguese we use the word tranquilo a lot. Tranquilo in Portuguese can mean quiet, calm, ok, tudo bem and easy. Let’s see all of these meanings:

Tranquilo as quiet in Portuguese

Quieto (quiet) and Tranquilo in Portuguese can be synonyms, meaning a silent place or environment. Therefore, when a place is quiet you can say that it is tranquilo. You can also use it to describe a person. Take a look:

Tem alguém em casa? Está tão tranquilo.
Is there anyone home? It’s so quiet

Julia é tranquila. Ela não gosta de falar.
Julia is quiet. She doesn’t like to speak.

Tranquilo as calm

Another meaning of tranquilo can be calmo. Have you ever been hiking and when you’re out there everything felt calm? Only the sounds of nature and a beautiful landscape… This is very tranquilo, different from the big city.

Geralmente você é tão animado. Hoje você está tranquilo.
Usually you are so energetic! Today you’re calm.

A cidade do Rio é agitada, mas o interior do Rio é tranquilo.
The city of Rio is hectic, but the countryside is calm.

Tranquilo as ok

Another meaning to tranquilo is when you are saying hi to someone. You say hi and then you ask if they are fine, right? So, you can use tranquilo in Portuguese instead of tudo bem. Ah, you must know that using tranquilo here is an informal way. We can use this word to express that something was ok too.

E ai cara, tudo tranquilo?
What’s up, everything’s ok?

A festa ontem foi tranquila.
The party yesterday was ok.

Tranquilo as easy

Tranquilo in Portuguese can also mean that something is easy. If you just scored an A in your exam, you can say that it was tranquilo!

A prova do CELPE-Bras foi tranquila.
CELPE-Bras exam was easy.

Aprender capoeira com a RioLIVE! é tranquilo.
Learning capoeira with RioLIVE! is easy.

Tá tranquilo tá favorável

We have an expression that is very funny. When something is VERY tranquilo in Portuguese you say tá tranquilo, tá favorável. So check out our dica about tá tranquilo tá favorável to know more about this expression.

Tudo tranquilo por ai? Everything is fine with you?

So you know how to use the word Quiet in Portuguese. Don’t forget to go to our Youtube Channel and while you’re there watch this video of a tranquilo day on Morro da Urca.

Thanks for staying with us!
Kisses from Rio & Learn.
See you 😉

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