Quinta da Boa Vista Park

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Quinta da Boa Vista Park

At Apollo's Temple
At Apollo’s Temple

 Yesterday we took the Metro to the Park  Quinta da Boa Vista. I enjoy using the Metro, because of the people and experience. It was one of my favorite places because of the open space, the ability to see for a good distance. The park was very calm and relaxing. It is a place I can relate to, like to visit. Noticed it was a place for picnics and couples to relax. The lake and the history was fascinating to me, a place I would recommend others to visit, both for some history of Rio as well as a place to relax and a place to study.

James Mesenbrink, United States.


Located in the neighborhood of São Cristóvão, Quinta da Boa Vista Park or (Parque Quinta da Boa Vista ) is a very famous and beautiful place here in Rio de Janeiro. It originally was the official residence of the royal family when Brazil was a monarchy, after the republic proclamation the place became a park with lots of options to relax and have fun. There people can exercise, read, lie down on the grass along the lake or even visit the museum or the zoo, which are located inside it.

Our students from Iceland, United States and Ghana went there to see how this place can be so awesome. They started with the walk through the park and getting information about some important facts about the place, they continued the visit watching and realizing the activities that can be done over there. For them, the most amazing part is that you can have this beautiful piece of nature inside a very big and fast moving city, we are sure that they will come back to Quinta da Boa Vista for another walk, reading a nice book or even for a running around the place.
















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