Rainy Garden is still Beautiful

El Jardí es Lindo hasta con Lluvia.

Ho visitato il Giardino Botanico durante il mio primo giorno nella scuola. Il giardino è molto bello e tranquillo. È stata una giornata bellissima che mi ha permesso di conoscere gli altri studenti e praticare le cose imparate in classe, in un’atmosfera molto rilassata e divertente.

Antonio Sinni, Italy

Students pretending to touch a cactus at the Botanical garden in Rio de Janeiro
Don’t touch!

It was a rainy Monday, if we can call it a rain. Paulistas call it Garoa and Cariocas call it Chuvisco, but what matters is that the rain was so weak it didn’t even bother us. We walked around the Botanical Garden and discovered a lot about Brazilian nature and history. Students had one mission on our RioLIVE!: to find the famous Pau-Brasil.

Foreign students of Portuguese taking pictures at the Botanical Garden in Rio de Janeiro.
Selfie in the nature!

You can see that the plants are a bit wet but the rainy garden is still beautiful. Would you like to see more pictures? Check our Facebook!

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Imperial palm trees at the Botanical Garden in Rio de Janeiro.
Definitely the rainy Garden is still Beautiful.

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