Refreshing at Parque Lage

20 de March de 2018

Der Park ist einfach wunderschön und liegt Mitten in der Zona Sul. Davon bekommt man im Park nichts mit. Nach einem gemütlichen Spaziergang durch den (Ur-)Wald, mit festen Wegen und einigen geheimen Abkürzungen haben wir den Nachmittag im Restaurant der Escola de Arte ausklingen lassen.

Regula Rehli, Switzerland


In front of the Lage Park main building.
Parque Lage is a nice place to take pics from different angles.

Looks like summer doesn’t want to leave us and yesterday was a really hot day in Rio. It was a good opportunity for refreshing at Parque Lage, a beautiful park that combines art and nature.


Refreshing at Parque Lage is a good choice for one afternoon in Rio de Janeiro.
Parque Lage has a beautiful bar where we finished our RioLIVE!

We finished the afternoon chating in Portuguese. We love to visit this beautiful park with our RioLIVE! Activities.


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