Relaxing at Centro

Relaxing at Centro

Relaxing at Centro.
Relaxing at Centro.


Ayer la actividad de RioLIVE! fue en el centro historico de la ciudad de Rio, para llegar al centro tuvimos que tomar el metro, y ya estando ahí aprendimos un poco de la historia de Brasil que fue muy interesante, visitamos la Catedral Candelaria y algunos otros lugares muy bonitos y antiguos que aun se conservan en buen estado apesar de la cantidad de años que tienen.

Maria Fernanda, Mexico.

Yesterday we spent a awesome afternoon relaxing at Centro. Knowing the whole history on Centro do Rio was a great way to practice Portuguese and a challenge to get new vocabulary. Our RioLIVE! started at Igreja da Candelária which is very close to where the Olympic flame was.

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Soon after that we walked through the streets of Centro and talked about the colonial Brazil. It was really interesting to make comparisons between old and modern Rio renovated for the Rio 2016 Olympics. To come to a perfect end we went o Paço Imperial to relax while having a beer and a coffee. It was a very interesting day of new knowledge and a lot of history of Rio de Janeiro.

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Come and meet Rio & Learn and participate on the RioLIVE! activities. You’ll have fun while you practice your Portuguese.

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