Relaxing at Center

Relaxing at Center

Relaxing at Center.
Relaxing at Center.

Gestern sind wir ins Zentrum von Rio gefahren. Zusammen mit unserem Rio and Learn Lehrer Pablo ging es am Nachmittag los. Waehrend der Zugfahrt konnten wir super ueben portugiesisch zu sprechen, da wir nur eine kleine Gruppe waren und Pablo hat uns oft zum Lachen gebracht. Im Zentrum haben wir dann viel neues ueber die Geschichte Rios gelernt. Wir haben eine Kirche, das Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil und eine Fotoausstellung besucht. Es war super! Zum Abschluss ging es noch in eine Bar und danach wieder zurueck an die Copacabana.

Marie Beckmann, Germany.

Last Wednesday we spent our afternoon relaxing at Center. We started our RioLIVE! visiting the Igreja da Candelária. As the place is next to one of the government buildings, it became a meeting point for cariocas to fight for their rights. It’s a very important place historically, because it was there that the movement Diretas Já took place. CCBB and Centro Cultural dos Correios are right next to where we were so we went to see their exhibitions and practice Portuguese.
 SAM_4461 Rio & Learn SAM_4463 Rio & Learn SAM_4464 Rio & Learn SAM_4465 Rio & Learn SAM_4468 Rio & Learn
Our walk in Centro continued through the historical streets of Rio. We went by Rua do Ouvidor, Arco do Teles and Travessa do Comércio. Our students asked lots of questions about them and it was great for them to practice Portuguese. We finished our RioLIVE! relaxing at Paço Imperial, one of the most important buildings in the history of Brazil. It was at Paço that occurred the Dia do Fico and the signature of the Aurea Law.
 SAM_4475 Rio & Learn SAM_4477 Rio & Learn SAM_4482 Rio & Learn SAM_4484 Rio & Learn SAM_4487 Rio & Learn
Come meet Rio & Learn and join us on our RioLIVE! Activities. You’ll practice Portuguese and have fun ate the same time.

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