Restaurant vocabulary in Portuguese

Restaurant vocabulary in Portuguese: O cardápio / menu

Hello friends! In our last Video Dica, we learned about different types of restaurants in Brazil.

Today, in this Video Dica we’ll learn vocabulary words in Portuguese that are often used in the restaurant surroundings or environment.

Practice a little bit more

Practice the vocabulary that you learned in our video a little more:

Restaurant vocabulary in Portuguese: o garçom / waiter

Restaurant vocabulary in Portuguese: waitress / a garçonete. Tables and chairs in Portuguese: a mesa e as cadeiras. Plate in Portuguese: O prato. The Cutlery ( fork, knife and spoon ) in Portuguese: Os talheres ( garfo, faca e colher ) Napkin in Portuguese: O guardanapo. Menu in Portuguese: O menu / o cardápio. Appetizers in Portuguese: os petiscos / o tira-gosto. Starter / first couse ( salad ) in Portuguese: A entrada ( a salada ). Vocabulario de restaurante (9) Dessert in Portuguese: A sobremesa. Meat in Portuguese: A carne. Chicken in Portuguese: O frango. Fish in Portuguese: O peixe.

Vocabulary List

O garçom – Waiter
A garçonete – Waitress
As mesas e as cadeiras – Tables and chairs
O prato – Plate / Dish
Os talheres (garfo, faca e colher) – Cutlery (fork, knife and spoon)
O guardanapo – Napkin
O cardápio / O Menu – Menu
Os petiscos ou o tira-gosto – Appetizers
A entrada (a salada) – The Entry / First course (salad)
O prato principal – Maincourse
A sobremesa – Dessert
A carne – Meat
O frango – Chicken
O peixe – Fish

That’s it guys! Today we learned vocabulary words in Portuguese that we can use at the restaurant.
In the next Video Dica, we are going to talk about the drinks/beverages you can order in restaurants.
See you in the next Dica. Bye!

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