Restaurants in Brazil

19 de June de 2015

Hello friends! If you feel hungry in Brazil, you already know that we have a multitude of different delicious dishes for you to try. But did you know that each category of food is usually served in a different type of restaurant? Today we are just going to study this, the different types of restaurants in Brazil. From snack bar to restaurant by the kilo, each restaurant option makes our mouths water! And if you have any doubts about vocabulary related to restaurant, you can always complement your studies with this other amazing Dica!

Different Types of Restaurants in Brazil

Restaurante a Quilo / Self-Service (Pay by Weight Buffet)

restaurants in brazil - self service

The kilo restaurant is an incredible marvel! When you’re out of time but still want to eat delicious food, you can go to this type of restaurant. You arrive at the restaurant by the kilo, pick up your plate, and can help yourself to foods that are already ready. Afterwards, you weigh your plate and pay only the amount related to the amount of food you took. You should for sure try some phrases to use when going to a restaurant!

Restaurante Γ  La Carte (Γ€ La Carte Restaurant)

restaurants in brazil: restaurante Γ  la carte

In this restaurant, you need to take your time! This is the one place you will receive a menu, sit down and be served by your waiter. The waiter will serve the food already on your plate or on a tray, so you can serve yourself. This is an incredible place to try some of the best Brazilian typical food. If you want to know about good restaurants in Rio, we have the Dica just for you.

Lanchonete (Snack Bar)

restaurants in brazil - lanchonete

A lanchonete is a commercial establishment specialized in serving snacks and other fast foods, consumed between meals or as a substitute for main meals. Usually sells snacks, sandwiches, soft drinks, coffee, sweets, etc. If you ever need to ask your food to go, read about it here!

Bar / Botequim / Boteco (Bar / Pub)

restaurant in brazil: bar, boteco e botequim

In Portuguese, we have three expressions for bar: bar, botequim and boteco. The bar would be a place that sells drinks, it often has a variety of international drinks. The botequim is a laid-back place to drink, usually family-run, with few options; the food served is generally simple and homemade. The boteco in turn is a small bar, and when it has a dirty look, we call it “pΓ© sujo” (dirty foot).

Quiosque (Beach Bar)

restaurants in brazil: quiosque

Beach kiosks are small bars on the shores of the beaches. They typically serve a variety of foods and beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. You can find Γ‘gua de coco, caipirinhas, espetinhos, and even dishes for lunch and dinner.

Pronunciation of Restaurants in Brazil

So, now that you know this full vocabulary, let’s practice our pronunciation with the video below! You already know you can set up the subtitles if you need! You can also practice a dialogue at the restaurant with this other amazing Dica.

That’s it guys! Today we learned the types of restaurants in Portuguese. Which one do you think it’s your favorite? Do you prefer to order food or to choose your own food in a self-service style? Which one would you try first when you come study with us in Brazil? Comment down below what you think, we would love to learn about it!

See you in the next Dica!

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