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10 de January de 2018

Hey there, people! Ready to know what are the best restaurants in Rio? Come along with us on todayโ€™s Dica! Itโ€™s full of useful information about the best, and must-visit, restaurants (and even a steakhouse!) in Rio de Janeiro. Did you know that we have Michelin star restaurants in Rio de Janeiro? That we even have some great restaurants in Copacabana, near our school? Come with us!

Galeto Sat’s

Restaurants in Rio de Janeiro - Galeto Sat's - A Dica do Dia

If you like eating galeto (a type of chicken) this is the restaurant for you. Besides the variety of food that’s on the menu, the galeto is the specialty. Sat’s is like a steakhouse in Rio, but for chicken meat. The restaurant first started in Copacabana but then opened a branch in Botafogo neighborhood, with an even larger client capacity, with 110 seats, two floors, and an outside bar. Just like the restaurant in Copacabana, Galeto Satโ€™s in Botafogo only closes its doors at 6 in the morning. Itโ€™s a great option for those who enjoy a bohemian life.

Bar do Mineiro

Restaurants in Rio de Janeiro - Bar do Mineiro - A Dica do Dia

Bar do Mineiro, in Santa Teresa neighborhood, has a unique environment, and itโ€™s an iconic restaurant/bar. Famous for its pastรฉis, cachaรงa and, of course, feijoada! We not only highly recommend it but we also visit it in some of our RioLIVE! Activities. Oh! Bar do Mineiro has uau-fai! (The way people from Minas Gerais call Wi-fi). Click here to check their website

Fogo de Chรฃo

Rio Steakhouse - Fogo de Chรฃo - A Dica do Dia

Fogo de Chรฃo is much more than a steakhouse in Rio, itโ€™s a gastronomic experience. Located in two different addresses: Botafogo and Barra da Tijuca, the steakhouse comes from a traditional gaรบcho family that decided to share their knowledge with the rest of the world. You can also find this steakhouse from Rio in different places within the United States as well as in Mexico. At Fogo de Chรฃo we get to experience an authentic gaรบcho barbecue. Check their website by clicking here.

Vegetariano Social Clube

If you are a vegetarian, Rio also has something special to offer you, and it’s not only a steakhouse! Vegetariano Social Clube offers really healthy organic options for vegetarians or vegans, and itโ€™s located at Leblon. Besides having a very cozy environment, the restaurant also has a delivery option in their website. Pretty nifty, right? Here is their website.


Located in Santa Teresa, the restaurant is home to a mix of several cuisines around Brazil and worldwide. It has a sophisticated environment, overlooking the Guanabara Bay as well as other green areas. Besides all the attention that the restaurant offers their clients, there is also a shuttle service offered by its partners. The restaurant stays true to its name, seeing as aprazรญvel means something that brings pleasure. If you want to know more about Aprazรญvel, click here.

Bar do David

Bar do David - A Dica do Dia - Portuguese lessons for free

David is a former fisherman that now owns a bar in the favela Chapรฉu-Mangueira. Its specialty is serving seafood on the sidewalk in front of the bar. The bar won twice the Comida di Buteco championship. It’s possible to find on the menu the delicious Saudosa Maluca, made of delicious corn cakes filled with jerked beef and olive sauce. It’s not a steakhouse itself, but the meat there is loved here in Rio!

In 2019, Bar do David opened its first branch on Rua Barata Ribeiro in Copacabana. David himself expressed the importance of always cultivating the essence of the bar, he guarantees the same quality of service and delicious food! For both the original (and renowned!) headquarters and the new bar in Copacabana! This is their official Instagram, check it out!


The restaurant is located in the heart of the Marvelous City and has a view of the Christ the Redeemer, the imperial palm trees and the Jockey Club. If you thought about the neighborhood Jardim Botรขnico, you got it right. The restaurant is specialized in a variety of meats from Fazenda Rubaiyat and it also has seafood dishes such as ceviches, carpaccios and tartars, in its Oyster Bar. Wanna know more about it? Click here.

Restaurants in Rio de Janeiro with Michelin Stars

Lasai โญ

Rafa Costa Silva, owner of Lasai, decided to have his own business after living in Basque Country and in the USA. The restaurant’s specialties are based on local products found in the state of Rio de Janeiro and it is located in Humaitรก. In Euskera, official language at Basque Country, Lasai means relaxed, or calm. The restaurant ranks 85 in the Worldโ€™s 50th Best Restaurants list. It also is one of the restaurants in Rio that have a Michelin star. You can have more information about Lasai here.

Mee โญ

Mee Restaurant is the ideal place for you to enjoy the best of Pan-Asian cuisine, which represents the combination of the richest flavors of Asian nations. The restaurant is located at the Belmond Copacabana Palace Hotel, which includes a privileged view of the hotel’s beautiful swimming pool. Getting to know the Copacabana Palace Hotel is an experience by itself, but entering this gracefully decorated environment and enjoying the delicious dishes will make you feel like you are on a journey through Thailand, Cambodia, China, Korea, Malaysia and Japan, and enjoying with great pleasure the unique and delicious aspects of Asian cuisine. Restaurant Mee not only plays the role of being one of the five restaurants in Rio de Janeiro to boast a Michelin star, it is also the only pan-Asian restaurant in South America to have a Michelin star for the fourth year in a row.

Cipriani โญ

Still in the precincts of the exquisite Hotel Belmond Copacabana Palace, we find another luxurious restaurant worthy of its Michelin star. With an Italian-international cuisine, the Cipriani Restaurant is a real wonder! Cipriani was founded in 1994, therefore carrying more than 25 years of history and recognition. You will be surprised by the elegant composition of the environment, and by tasting its delicious dishes. Led by Chef Aniello Cassese, the Cipriani restaurant presents authorial creations that reflect the true Italian flavor. In addition, the restaurant demonstrates innovation, and creativity, by renewing its menu every six months, ensuring that its customers have a deliciously unique experience when they come across new dishes each time or having the option to book โ€œthe table of the chefโ€ and having the meal in the kitchen itself, in an incomparable encounter! It’s no surprise this amazing restaurant in Rio has a Michelin star, right?

To learn more about Mee and Cipriani restaurants, discover their menus and make reservations, check out the official website of the Belmond Copacabana Palace chain by clicking here.

Oteque โญโญ

Some details about the Oteque restaurant are as authentic and surprising as the restaurant itself. While it is a new restaurant (it opened in 2018) in just two years it already won deserved titles and was already recognized as: โ€œThe best contemporary restaurant” by Veja Rio, and โ€œThe 23rd best restaurant” by The World 50 Best. Today, this Rio de Janeiro restaurant has not one Michelin star, but two โ€“ only Oteque and restaurant Oro carry this award in Rio de Janeiro.

Among some of the most striking features of Oteque restaurant is: the fact that it is a restaurant built in what was once a historic mansion from the late 30s, but which internally displays a very modern and alternative decor, it is located in Botafogo. The menu changes daily, also because the renowned Chef Alberto Landgraf always pays special attention to the selection of ingredients and uses only local suppliers. The food is characterized as Modern Cuisine, with a certain predominance of seafood. Click here to discover the official website of the Oteque restaurant.

Oro โญโญ

The restaurant Oro has a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere whose intention is to make you feel at home! The main protagonist of the restaurant are the embers, a great ally of the famous Chef Felipe Bronze who explores avant-garde and inventive cuisine using mainly grills, typical Japanese grills, and charcoal ovens. Felipe Bronze mixes Japanese, Spanish and Argentinean cuisine, without forgetting Brazilian cuisine of course! The Oro restaurant ends up representing a reverence for the different regions of Brazil. A striking aspect of Felipe Bronze’s Creative cuisine is his talent in uniting the aesthetic beauty of the dishes with the rich and delicious taste, with all these qualities it would be impossible for Oro not to receive two Michelin stars! Don’t forget to click here to check out the official website of Restaurant Oro!

Honorable Mention

In addition to these restaurants in Rio de Janeiro, we can’t forget to mention another important place:

Confeitaria Colombo

Restaurant in Copacabana - Confeitaria Colombo: While it has no Michelin Star, this restaurant totally deserved it.

When talking about must-see restaurants in Rio de Janeiro, we must mention the famous Confeitaria Colombo. The perfect place for those who want to try a huge variety of sweets and savory snacks, especially from Portuguese cuisine. It is embraced in history, seeing as the confectionery was established in 1894 and still has fancy and enriching decoration; it is located in Centro da Cidade (downtown) in Rio de Janeiro. It’s worth a visit! Bear in mind that Confeitaria Colombo is a restaurant that can be found in three different areas of Rio de Janeiro: downtown, CCBB, and Forte de Copacabana. If you want to see more about Confeitaria Colombo, click here.

You can even go to Confectionery Colombo with us and practice your Portuguese! To get to know the beautiful historic building of the original Colombo pastry shop, which is a historical heritage of the city, choose the RioLIVE! Activity: Confeitaria Colombo or else, enjoy Confectionary Colomboโ€™s delights with a breathtaking view right from the Copacabana Fort by opting for the RioLIVE! Activity: Pรดr do Sol no Arpoador.

How can you get to all of these places?
Relax, guys! We prepared a map with all locations set for you!

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