Resumé in Portuguese

Hi everyone! In our Dica today, we will learn how to write a Resumé in Portuguese. Let’s see examples of Resumes in Portuguese and learn how to do a good one.

How to set up a Resumé in Portuguese

Personal information

Firstly, this section is where you introduce yourself, providing your personal information to your possible employer. Notice that, in Brazil, we are not used to putting photos in our Resumé in Portuguese.

Academic education

This is the part where you describe your education and academic background on your Resumé in Portuguese. Therefore, what and where you studied and for how long, mention the subject you studied and the qualification gained.

Professional experience

Now you can describe all about your professional experience. So talk about the companies you have worked in and how long you stayed there. Don’t forget to include your job titles and explain your responsibilities.


As a matter of fact, your goal is to have Fluent Portuguese listed here, right? Now is the moment to put the name of the school that helped you learn Portuguese in 30 days. Jokes aside… this is the part where you tell them all the languages that you speak and your level in each of them.

Other information

Finally, it is in this part you can put additional information about your professional and academic life. You could include here your experience abroad, if you have some, talking about the courses or jobs that you have had all over the world.


Did you know that to work in Brazil, it is not necessary to have CELPE-Bras certification in your Resumé in Portuguese? You only need to speak Portuguese. But of course you will need to show your Portuguese during your interview. For this reason, make sure you get plenty of practice!

Example of Resumé in Portuguese 


Informação Pessoal Personal Information
Nome: Juliana Moura
Sexo: Feminino
Nacionalidade: Brasileira
Estado civil: Solteira
Telefone: 21 5689 9087
Celular: 21 94321 9873
Data de nascimento: 28/02/1975
Pretensão salarial: A combinar
Name: Juliana Moura
Gender: Female
Nationality: Brazilian
Marital Status: Single
Phone: 21 5689 9087
Mobile: 21 94321 9873
Date of birth: 28/02/1975
Desired salary: To be decided
Graduação Degree(s)
Curso: Recursos Humanos – RH
Instituição: Fundação Getúlio Vargas – FGV (1994 – 1998)Pós/EspecializaçãoCurso: MBA – Gestão empresarial
Instituição: Grupo Mackenzie – RJ (2002 – 2003)
Curso: Marketing empresarial – Pós-graduação
Instituição: Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing – ESPM (1998 – 2000)
Subject: Human Resources – HR
Institute: Fundação Getúlio Vargas – FGV (1994 – 1998)Postgraduate(s)/Specialization(s)Subject: MBA – Business Management
Institute: Mackenzie Group – RJ (2002 – 2003)
Subject: Business Marketing – Postgraduate

Institute: Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing – ESPM (1998 – 2000)
Experiência Profissional Professional Experience
Empresa: Rio & Learn Portuguese School
Cargo: Coordenadora de atividades
Área: Relacionamento com os professores e alunos
Período: 25/05/2013 até o momento.
Atividades desenvolvidas: Planejamento de aulas e atividades com os alunos da escola.
Ticket S/A
Cargo: Gestão de pessoas
Área de atuação: Gestão
Período: 21/09/2008 à 20/05/2013
Responsabilidades: Planejamento e coordenação das atividades feitas pelos funcionários.
Company: Rio & Learn Portuguese School
Position: Activities coordinator
Main activity: Relationship with teachers and students
Period: 25/05/2013 to date
Responsibilities: Planning lessons and activities with school students.
Company: Ticket S/A
Position: People management
Main activity: Management
Period: 21/09/2008 to 20/05/2013
Responsibilities: Planning and coordination of activities for company employees.
Idiomas Languages
Inglês avançado
Espanhol intermediário
Advanced English
Intermediate Spanish
Outras informações Other information
Curso: Gestão de tecnologia da informação
Instituição: FGV – Fundação Getúlio Vargas – SP- 2003
Curso: Fundamentos do Google para Gestão
Instituição: Google – SP – 2004
Descrição: Curso oferecido pelo Google para gestores de todo o mundo.
Course: Information Technology Management
Institute: FGV – Fundação Getúlio Vargas – SP- 2003
Course: Google Fundamentals for Management
Institute: Google – SP – 2004
Description: Course offered by Google for managers from around the world.

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Finally, we’re done! We have learned how to write a CV in Portuguese. What do you think about working in Brazil or studying in Brazil? If you are looking for a more professional contact, you can follow us on LinkedIn. See you on the next Dica folks!
Hugs from Rio de Janeiro!

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