Rhythm, Passion, and Connection!

practicing forro

Forró er en sand fornøjelse at være med til! En pardans til dem med hurtige fødder og som kan lide at svinge rundt med hinanden! Hvis du skal imponere de lokale, så er forró klart en god dans at lære🕺🏽💃🏽

Lucas da Costa Jørgensen, Denmark

learning the steps for forró

At its essence, Forró is a dance of passion and connection of people guided by an energetic rhythm. We were fortunate to have our class with Castrinho, a seasoned instructor who has been leading dance classes with Rio & Learn for quite some time now. Every time he steps into the studio, he brings an infectious energy and a sense of humor that instantly captivates his students. Our teacher effortlessly demonstrated the simplicity of Forró, breaking down its basic steps with clarity and enthusiasm. With a twinkle in his eye, he reassured us that anyone can master the fundamentals of this beloved Brazilian dance style. Yet, he didn’t shy away from the more intricate aspects of Forró, such as the delicate art of guiding one’s partner through the dance.

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having fun and learning how to dance

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