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Portuguese for Business Courses

With a market of over 192 million people (the world’s fifth most populous country), Brazil is the best place to study Portuguese for Business Courses.

As part of the BRIC countries, Brazil is a giant with one of the best growth records worldwide, and stands out as the country where doing business is easier as well as less restrictive or intrusive of the BRICs.

Every day new companies and executives come to Brazil to do business, and consequently everyday the Portuguese language gains more worldwide importance.

With consideration to the flexibility and efficiency required by executives and companies, Rio & Learn offers the following Portuguese for Business Courses.

Online Portuguese Classes by Rio & Learn. Student studying Portuguese from his notebook.

Learn a la Carté Hours

Lessons wherever and whenever you want. You have total flexibility to specify the schedule upto one day before the class.

  • Hours can be arranged as suits your schedule.
  • Classes can be in different locations, all within the city of Rio de Janeiro.
  • RioLIVE! activities are included on the days you have class.

We offer flexible timetables and our teachers can travel to your office within Rio de Janeiro.

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Perfect for business managers or professionals who have little free time and also who need to learn Portuguese quickly.

This is an intensive immersion course, with a dedicated teacher who develops communication situations where you can talk about your own company or business industry or sector. The immersion is tailored to the student’s specific needs for business communication.

The course is ideal for learning business vocabulary and about doing business in Brazil. The teacher is able to accompany the student to the places that the student chooses, learning expressions, phrases and vocabulary while immersed in real-life situations, such as their own company or work place.

The course includes lunch with the teacher every day, paying only extra for the trips they choose.

  • A teacher from a professional background, dedicated to you.
  • 40 hours immersion per week, 8 hours a day.
  • Lunch taken with the teacher included.
  • Trips/travel not included.

You can combine this with RioLIVE! activities, with prior agreement about the timetable with the school.

LiveBusiness is one of our Portuguese for Business Courses in Rio & Learn, a Portuguese language school for foreigners in Rio de Janeiro.
In-company Business Classes Hours by Rio & Learn Portuguese School

In-company Business Classes Hours

Private, personalized tuition for business professionals where the classes are given at the student’s place of work.

The programme includes key language for business and also covers topics from within the student’s professional area. You have complete flexibility to set the hours at any time, within the usual working hours of Monday to Friday.

Schedules are arranged with the school in advance, at least one day before the actual class time. This is only limited to not changing the hour of class on the same day.

  • Packages starting from 10 hours.
  • You can book as many hours as you require.
  • Classes at the student’s company address (always in the same location).
  • RioLIVE! activities included on the days you have class
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Learn while you have fun


Speak Portuguese 24/7

Small Groups

Maximum 6 students

Technology Classrooms

Big screens, Slides and on line material

Native Teachers

Get the right accent

Free Material & Enrollment

Don’t pay for any class material

All these language class options emphasize the student’s business world and real-life business communication situations.

Throughout the course, students learn the manners and customs of Brazilian culture as much as they gain invaluable insight on how to succeed with and understand the business people in Brazil.

As happened in cities such as Barcelona, Sydney and Beijing, the 2016 Olympic games will make Rio de Janeiro one of the most attractive cities in business and tourism, so now is the best time to invest and position yourself here in Brazil.