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24 de April de 2019
Rio Carnival Tickets. Alegoric car passing by the avenue showing the beauty of Carnival.
One of the most amazing parties in the world!

Date: February 24th, 2020
Meeting: 19:30 at Rio & Learn
Cost of the activity: 550 reais

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Have you ever been to Rio de Janeiro in Carnival? What about Rio Carnival tickets parades at Sambódromo? Have you ever thought about going to this party? In this RioLIVE! you are going to have the chance to see it. The Parades at Sambódromo are the Brazilian landmark for Carnival, many people from all over the city, Brazil and the world come specially to see this event. A big mixture of dance, arts and technology takes place and amaze the audience in a different way. If you don’t believe us, check out this video:

During two nights, samba schools march and show the world what Carnival looks like. It’s a huge party with glamour, music, costumes and a lot of fun. Each school has a different theme and they have a different parade, some of them not only march, but use art and a lot of technology during it. A whole night full of joy, samba, Brazilian culture and everything that the Brazilian Carnival can offer along with Portuguese practice.

You can enjoy the show while you drink a caipirinha and practice Portuguese with our teacher and your friends! Is there a better way to learn Portuguese? I don’t think so… If you don’t want to participate actively of the parade you can come watch it with us. We swear you’ll have an amazing time!

Rio Carnival Tickets. Foreign people visiting Sambódromo during Carnival.
Our students having a blast at Sambódromo!

That’s terrific, right? Rio & Learn is organizing this event that will provide you the chance to visit Sambódromo and be part of it. Come and join us with your Rio Carnival tickets for this unforgettable experience that will be present in your mind for the rest of your life.

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