Rio de Janeiro Light Rail

31 de July de 2018

There is a special transportation that you’ll only find and be able to use at the center of Rio. Have you heard of the Rio de Janeiro Light Rail?

The VLT Carioca, as it’s called in Portuguese, was built in 2016 for the Olympics and it’s now part of the everyday life of Cariocas.

Rio de Janeiro Light Rail

Inspired in the streetcars that used to be seen around the city in the 60s, Rio de Janeiro Light Rail connects several points in the center of the city in a fast and sustainable way. It improved mobility and facilitated access to Porto Maravilha and neighborhoods such as SaΓΊde, Gamboa and Santo Cristo which are an important part of the history of Rio.

The VLT is nearly silent, fueled by fossil fuels and it moves just like a bus, following the same traffic rules. The only difference is that it has its own rail to move around.

Rio de Janeiro Light Rail Map. VLT Carioca.

For you to use the Rio de Janeiro Light Rail, you’ll need a card, the same that you use in a bus, and you can buy it in every VLT station. The cost of the ride is R$ 3,80 and once you enter the VLT, you need to validate your card. Not validating it can have bad consequences, such as paying a R$ 170,00 fine.

Come and ride it with us on our RioLIVE! activities. You’ll surely enjoy it.

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