Rio de Janeiro New Years

Año nuevo en Río de Janeiro. El revellón carioca es uno de los más grandes del mundo. O reveillon carioca é um dos maiores do mundo.

Hi friends, how are you?
On our Dica de hoje, we are going to learn about Rio de Janeiro New Years celebration and traditions.

Rio de Janeiro New Years

Carioca’s New Year celebration is a big cultural mixture. The party, whose name is French, Réveillon, is celebrated by many cultures around the world in different ways. Cariocas show all their enthusiasm during this wonderful spectacle at Copacabana beach. Ferries are place at the sea filled with fireworks and at midnight, they are lighted. It can last from 15 to 20 minutes. A sparkles show expected for everybody watching.

During the fireworks you’ll notice people doing lots of different stuff because there are different traditions that we follow. Let’s learn more about them.

New year’s lentils

The lentils, typically from Asia, are part of Brazilian dish in Réveillon. If you want an abundant year and a lot of food, a spoonful of lentil at the New Year’s dinner is what you need.

Wearing white

Wearing white clothes is a tradition from Candomblé, an African religion. The color white represents peace and spiritual purification and helps warding off evil spirits.

Colored underwear

Although everyone wears white clothes, the color you choose for your underwear is also very important. Why is that? Because every color represents something you wish for the following year. If you want to know what they represent, check out our Dica about colors for new year.

Jumping waves

It’s a typical tradition for Brazilians to jump seven waves to attract good luck for the year to come. For each wave you jump, you must make a wish and when you finish, do not turn your back to the sea. Walk backwards until your feet are not touching the water anymore and then it’s fine to turn your back.

Flowers for Iemanjá

It’s also very common to see people putting flowers and small boats with gifts at the sea to Iemanjá, the Sea Queen in Candomblé and Umbanda tradition. If the boat sinks, it means that Iemanjá you make your wish come true, but if the boat comes back, she won’t. By the way, making holes in the boat is cheating!

Champagne toast

Fill up your glasses with champagne and wait for it to turn midnight. When the fireworks start, make a toast. It will bring you good fortune and prosperity for the following year.

Besides all that, the enthusiasm is typically Brazilian. People from different places around the world come to Rio de Janeiro to watch this spectacle that is considered the biggest around the world.

Rio de Janeiro New Years, undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful spectacles to see.
And we, from Rio & Learn, wish all of you a year full of peace, health and prosperity.

See you in next year, guys!

Feliz Ano Novo! 😉

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