Rio de Janeiro Security Tips

5 de December de 2017

Hello dear students! Welcome to one more lesson! Today we will give you Rio de Janeiro security tips! Ready? Let’s go!

Here in Rio is important to be aware of what you should and shouldn’t do in order to be safe. So that’s why we listed 6 safety recommendations to help you on this. Take a look!

Rio de Janeiro Security Tips

1. Try to dress and act like a Carioca.

Rio de Janeiro Security Tips. Os cariocas se vestem casualmente.

Wearing clothes that indicates that you are a gringo is the same as writing I’m a tourist! Rob me on your face. Dress basic, see how people usually dress on the streets and you will see that carioca dress very casual. Also Avoid walking on the streets wearing expensive clothes or using your cellphone. Never show that you have money with you. Otherwise, you can be an easy target for robbers.

2. When you buy with credit card, they can’t take your credit card out of your view. 

Rio de Janeiro Security Tips. O pagamento precisa acontecer na frente do cliente.

Every worker in shops and restaurants know that they can’t take your credit card out of your view, so don’t allow if a worker doesn’t do the payment operation in front of you, surely he is trying to copy your credit card.

3. If you get robbed, don’t fight and don’t resist. 

Rio de Janeiro Security Tips. Não resista durante o roubo.

In Brazil, for some criminals own life is not so important as we think. A criminal can have a gun or a dangerous object of any kind, so don’t get in conflict if you get in this situation. Losing money at the end is not such a big deal as your own safety.

4. Be cautious with excess of alcohol.

Rio de Janeiro security tips. É necessário ter cuidado com o excesso de álcool.

It’s not a problem to have fun, but if you get completely drunk you are an easy target for criminals, and if you are a foreigner you look like the perfect target.

5. Protect from mosquitoes.

Rio de Janeiro security tips. Sempre use repelente no Rio de Janeiro.

Try to avoid mosquitoes, use protection if you need it. Unfortunately, cases of Dengue is becoming increasingly usual.

6. Protect from the sun. 

Rio de Janeiro security tips. É importante proteger-se do sol do Rio!

The sun is really hot in Brazil and it’s very easy to get a sunburn, so in order to avoid that, always use sunscreen before going to the beach or walking on the street.

7. Neighborhoods: Zona Sul Vs Zona Norte

Zona Sul are the safest neighborhoods in Rio: Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon, Flamengo, Laranjeiras, Catete, Botafogo.

Zona Norte is usually more dangerous, but it depends where you are.

8. Favelas just next to safe Neighborhoods: Favelas and safer neighborhoods are next, so you have to be aware everywhere.

9. Don’t get into Favelas without a guide or a local person: Usually during the day nothing happens in pacified favelas, but it’s not recommended to go alone.

10. Use of Smartphone, tablets, cameras etc.:  Don’t show off these belongings on the street. You can use it, but it’s good to be cautious. Don’t use it near the road because somebody with a car, motorbike or even bike can take it from your hands.

11. Try to separate your credit cards if you have more than one: Keep one safe at house and just bring one with you. In case you get robbed you can take money from the other one.

12. Try to avoid to go around with your passport: Separate your national Id or Licence from the passport or take photocopies of the passport with you. Even that legally you have to bring always your passport with you, if you get your passport robbed in Brazil, you are going to be in a bureaucracy nightmare.

13. Avoid dark places: On the street always avoid dark places. Just take another way

14. Better to go around without jewelry: You will see that Carioca’s don’t use expensive jewelry when walking at the street.

15. Don’t bring with you a lot of money: Better to take with you just the money that you are going to use for the day.

16. Don’t get mad with the cultural shock: It is not unusual to have a cultural shock. Try to think that you are not at your country and that in Brazil the way to do things and culture is completely different that yours. Try to avoid to think that people don’t do things right and that the way you do things is the right way. Be open minded and accept differences. Things are not worse, are just different.

Now you a few Rio de Janeiro Security Tips!
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