Explore Rio de Janeiro

Copacabana, Ipanema… the beaches here are perhaps, apart from the Christ on Corcovado, the most famous attractions in Rio de Janeiro. Explore Rio de Janeiro, the Marvelous City, and also the most visited city in the southern hemisphere. In addition to its beaches, the city is famous for the biggest carnival in the world, samba and, of course, one of the seven wonders of the modern world – the Christ on Corcovado. Read on to find out all that Rio has to offer or go now to the gallery that we have prepared for you at the end of this page.


Enjoy amazing walks and fantastic scenery in the Tijuca National Park, the world’s second largest natural parkland area within a city. Discover new perspectives of the city from up at o morro, Pedra da Gávea (842 meters); enjoy and relax in nature, and if you dare, hang glide down to the city while enjoying a unique view as you soar from above. Rio is one of the favourite places for climbers because of the spectacular views while climbing the mountain rock faces. And if you have lots of energy, explore Rio de Janeiro and its most famous hill, the Sugar Loaf Mountain, one of the most spectacular and most historic sites in Rio de Janeiro. Or for a more relaxed plan, you can stroll through the botanical gardens and explore its every corner, like the orchid garden.


Day and night meet people and have fun. Enjoy the beaches and life on the streets of Rio. Meander around or go by bike or go jogging around the Lagoa (lake) in the city. Discover Santa Teresa’s bohemian neighbourhood and the most exclusive shops in Leblon and Ipanema. Lose yourself while you explore Rio de Janeiro and all of the city beaches. Go up to Sugar Loaf Mountain on its historic cable car and discover views from every corner of the city. They’ll never be enough days to explore Rio de Janeiro and discover everything it has to offer. At night, dance and have fun, find the best places in the city where you can enjoy all styles of music, and especially the samba!

Music… and Samba

Proof that Rio de Janeiro is historically linked to music is found with the famous nickname Cidade Maravilhosa. The name comes from a 1930s song, and shows how Rio de Janeiro has always been central to the urban music of Brazil. Of course, you’ll know that Rio was also greatly popularized with the song A Girl from Ipanema. Composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes in the 60s, the song has been performed many times over the years by musicians such as Stan Getz, Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald. The song is the standard of the Bossa Nova, a musical style born in Rio de Janeiro.

Music is alive everywhere, and you feel it continually around the city on every corner, where you can enjoy an energetic roda de samba. Rio de Janeiro is also home to the Rock in Rio festival, and this musical feast attracts live music lovers from all over the world.

Arts & Architecture

Stroll through the city’s old quarter and come across its colonial architecture. The streets are populated with houses in a multitude of colours, which is hard to find in any other city. Visit the History Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts. Stroll through Cinelandia, Praça XV and arrive at the Paço Imperial.


The variety of food and dishes surprises many visitors to Brazil. Besides the popular national dish Feijoada, numerous varieties of dishes can be savoured every day. Sucos (juice of many fruits) deserves a special mention because many of the fruits will be exotically unknown to you and some are only found in Brazil.



Say Rio and most people immediately identify its carnival with the city. Millions of people celebrate this holiday, with their elaborate costumes, music and vivid colours. Discover the spectacular Sambadrome, where the crowds stand to view the different parades passing by. You can also enjoy the pre-carnival preparations, and during the carnival the city’s celebrations last for several days as people from all over the world flock to enjoy it. It’s an amazing time to combine learning Portuguese with one of the greatest celebrations in the world.

New Year’s eve at Copa

Every 31st December, over two million people celebrate the New Year at Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro. Traditionally, people wear white, lending itself to a spectacular celebration. Thousands of locals and visitors come together to party into the New Year, with hundreds of shows and events around the beach. This night is the second most celebrated time of the city, after the famous Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Beachside fireworks mark the highlight of the celebration.

Olympic Games

As the 1st city in South America to host the Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro has provided a remarkable experience in life of thousands and thousands people. During 19 days the city was the spotlight of the world. And now, just after the Games the Marvelous City is renewed and fresh with new museums, venues, and beautiful urban landscapes. From the Downtown to the South Zone, Rio de Janeiro has now much more to offer after the Olympics. And if the cariocas are once known as welcoming people, now the spirit of union and peace of the games remains and inspire them. You are invited to explore Rio de Janeiro. Let’s go?


Rio de Janeiro has so many beaches to enjoy and to choose from. Beach, sun, sea, fun and perfect bodies meet at them! Many sports are played on the beach, such as volleyball, volley football, surfing, kite surfing and the popular frescobol. The best surfers from Brazil (and all over the world) visit and surf in Rio de Janeiro.

Although, if sport is not for you but relaxing in the sun is, try to come in good shape to be with the best bodies on Ipanema. It’s the beach of the glamorous and made famous by, perhaps the most famous song from Brazil, A girl from Ipanema. And next to Rio & Learn you have the world’s most famous beach, Copacabana. It’s Rio de Janeiro’s most historic beach, and one of the most popular all year round. If these aren’t enough, the city has plenty of other beaches to walk across or to lie in the sun. Wherever you choose, you will be in a special place.


Brazil is a country where racial differences and the colour of the skin really lose their importance. Infinite colours and customs live together in Rio de Janeiro, making everyone feel comfortable. This quality and great acceptance of difference also makes Rio one of the top destinations for the gay world, with plenty of great venues to enjoy and beaches to socialize and have fun.

Outside of Rio

Around the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, you can find amazing places to visit. Places like Paraty, Angra dos Reis, Barra da TijucaPetrópolis and Ilha Grande are good options to explore. Despite not being as well known as the sites and sounds found within the city, they are also unforgettable places. That is why Rio & Learn organize the RioLIVE! Weekends! So if you want to practice Portuguese, have fun and discover not conventional places we invite you to join us in this experience!

Football and Maracanã

The most popular sport in Brazil is a passion that pulses in millions hearts. Our national team won 5 times the FIFA World Cup and revealed players as Pelé, Ronaldinho, Romário, Ronaldo and Neymar. In Rio de Janeiro this passion is expressed for its 4 big football teams: Botafogo, Flamengo, Fluminense and Vasco da Gama. After all, carioca people’s love a Sunday afternoon with beer, “churrasco” (Brazilian barbecue) and a football match.

Namely as a temple of football, Maracanã Stadium is also a Rio de Janeiro’s patrimony and it was stage of 2 World Cup finals, most recently in 2014. The event was a success and is considered as one of the best World Cup ever. All in all, for carioca people going to Maracanã to watch a football game is a cultural program. So, what about a football game?

Botafogo Beach view from the top of Botafogo Praia Shopping.
Walk by Botafogo coast in Rio de Janeiro
Statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro. Visit Corcovado.
Paço Imperial in Rio de Janeiro. Explore Rio de Janeiro with the RioLIVE! activities.
Candelária Church in Rio de Janeiro.
Visit Niterói with Rio & Learn and meet the Museum of Contemporary Art.
Discover Rio de Janeiro with Rio & Learn Portuguese School. Visiting Pão de Açúcar.
Explore Rio de Janeiro. Museum of Tomorrow. Museu do Amanhã.

Did you enjoy it? Our recommendation to explore Rio de Janeiro at its best is with our RioLIVE! Activities where you discover Rio while you practice your Portuguese and have fun with a teacher and other students.