Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. Rio Grande do Sul is a state in a Brazil

Hey guys, what’s up? Today in our Dica we’re going to learn a little about Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil and its inhabitants.

Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil

The south of Brazil is composed of three States: Paraná, whose capital is Curitiba; Santa Catarina, whose capital is Florianópolis; and Rio Grande do Sul, whose capital is Porto Alegre.


These three states in the south of Brazil are known for their cold climate and European background, completely different from places like Rio de Janeiro or Bahia. People from Rio Grande do Sul are called Gaúchos, and they have a wide variety of cultural diversity from their shared European and Brazilian cultural heritage.


Rio Grande do Sul’s culinary speciality, renowned throughout the country, is the delicious barbecue. Churrasco gaúcho is the most famous type of Barbecue in Brazil, and it’s the place to go to have an incredible meal of high quality beef.
It’s very common in Rio Grande do Sul to drink chimarrão, a type of green tea. No matter if it’s hot or cold, this beverage is the drink of choice for gaúchos throughout the year!


Rio Grande do Sul in especially well known for the many violent battles along the borders with Uruguay and Argentina, where they had to learn how to defend themselves and their land. The typical landscape of this State is the rolling hills of the pampas. Winter is very severe in Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. Therefore, Gaúchos always wear the poncho, a long cloak made of sheep’s wool.

Places to Visit in Rio Grande do Sul

Below, check out some incredible places that you have to visit when you are in Rio Grande do Sul:


Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. Beautiful setting with flowers and old buildings in Gramado

This European-like city is the ideal place for a romantic getaway, famous for its chocolate factories and vineyards.

Porto Alegre

Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. Purple trees with a lake and clouds in Porto Alegre

The state’s capital is a must-see if you’re looking for that perfect balance of nature and city. You can also enjoy some great clubs and parties at night!

Bento Gonçalves

Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. Old stone building in a cold weather in Bento Gonçalves

Like a window to the past, Bento Gonçalves has a rich Italian background and it’s filled with incredible vineyards.


Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. Beautiful beach in Brazil in Torres

Rio Grande do Sul is not just European architecture or cold climates — you can also find beautiful beaches like this one in Torres!

That’s it, guys! Stay tuned for more dicas to come! If you do come to Brazil, make sure to visit Rio Grande do Sul. It’s amazing!

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