Rio & Learn team

1 de September de 2016

Rio & Learn team

Rio & Learn team.
Rio & Learn team.

Volley de Playa fue mi segunda actividad RioLIVE! yΒ Β‘no pudo ser mejor! El dΓ­a estuvo perfecto para pasarlo en la playa y jugar fue muy divertido, ademΓ‘s de hacer deporte conocimos a personas de otros paises que nos invitaron a jugar con ellos y eso lo hizo aun mejor. AmΓ© jugar en la playa y espero que todas las RioLIVE! sean igual de buenas πŸ˜€

Vanessa Garrido, Mexico.

The beautiful sunny afternoon in Rio de Janeiro gave birth to the Rio & Learn team. Our RioLIVE! was a volleyball game in Copacabana beach. We started with a warm-up activity that everyone should pass the ball to each other. This time was very interesting for our students to learn the vocabulary of beach volleyball in Portuguese.

IMG_20160830_155019146 Rio & Learn IMG_20160830_155021354 Rio & Learn IMG_20160830_155032555 Rio & Learn

While we were warming up, a group from USA asked to play with us. So we split into two teams: Rio & Learn and USA team. The first set was won by Team USA, but Rio & Learn team recovered and won the other two sets.

IMG_20160830_155448935 Rio & Learn IMG_20160830_160134439 Rio & Learn IMG_20160830_160525396 Rio & Learn IMG_20160830_160613928 Rio & Learn IMG_20160830_160637618 Rio & Learn IMG_20160830_160642111 Rio & Learn IMG_20160830_160803503 Rio & Learn IMG_20160830_163507179 Rio & Learn IMG_20160830_163605918 Rio & Learn IMG_20160830_165457880 Rio & Learn

It was a great way to practice Portuguese and have fun at the same time. Come to Rio & Learn and enoy Rio with our RioLIVE! activities!

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