Rio street Carnival. O Monobloco é um dos blocos mais conhecidos do Rio de Janeiro.

What’s up guys! Excited for Carnival? We hope you are, because today we are going to talk about the Rio street Carnival! So grab your Carnival costumes and come with us!

Rio street Carnival

Bloco can be classified as a street party that can gather a huge amount of people during Carnival. If you really want to feel like a Carioca, you need to give it a try and enjoy it like a native does. So in order for you to do it, we have selected 10 Rio street Carnival parties that’ll take you through the roof!

Cordão do Bola Preta

Best Blocos in Rio. O cordão do bola preta atrai milhares de pessoas cada ano.

Cordão do Bola Preta is the oldest Bloco in Rio and it’s famous for attracting millions of people every year. The colors that represent this Bloco are black and white and it’s possible to see many people there wearing clothes with these two colors. It starts at 9 a.m until 2 p.m and it’s located in Avenida Rio Branco, Centro. But be careful! Pay attention to your personal belongings and to pickpockets that can appear around you due to the huge amount of people located in the same place. Take a look at our Dica Rio de Janeiro Security Tips for more pieces of information on how to feel safe in Rio.

Where: Av. Presidente Antonio Carlos, Centro.
When: March 2nd, 7 a.m.

Bloco da Preta

Best Blocos in Rio. O Bloco da Preta é organizado pela cantora Preta Gil.

Bloco da Preta is a Rio street Carnival party organized by the Brazilian singer Preta Gil. This Bloco has already been attended by other famous singers, such as Nego do Borel and Ludmilla. It’s also famous for attracting many people so it’s very important that you pay attention to your surroundings since it’s possible to see a few pickpockets there! If you want to know more about how to feel safe here in Rio, take a look at our Dica Rio de Janeiro Security Tips.

Where: Av. Presidente Antonio Carlos, Centro.
When: February 24th, 8 a.m.

Sargento Pimenta

Best Blocos in Rio. O Sargento Pimenta toca clássicos dos Beatles.

If you are a Beatlemaniac, this is your place! Sargento Pimenta, in English Sargent Pepper, is a street party inspired by the works of The Beatles. This Bloco allows people to sing along while dancing famous hits from this band with a touch of Samba. Sargento Pimenta is located in Rua Infante Dom Henrique, Flamengo.

Where: Monumento aos Pracinhas, Aterro do Flamengo.
When: March 4th, 8a.m.


Best Blocos in Rio. O Bloco Carmelitas é muito divertido!

This Bloco is very famous for its story! People believe that a few years ago someone saw a nun escaping from a monastery to join a group of people that were celebrating Carnival. Today, it’s possible to see many people in this Bloco wearing nun costumes due to the story. Guaranteed fun!

Where: Santa Teresa.
When: March 1st, 1 p.m.

Simpatia é Quase Amor

Best Blocos in Rio. Simpatia é Quase Amor tem um excelente conjunto musical!

Simpatia é Quase Amor was created during Diretas Já, an important period in Brazil. It’s name was inspired by a character from a Chronicle called Rua dos Artistas e Arredores. This Bloco attracts almost 20.000 people every year and it’s the perfect place to celebrate Carnival with samba and other elements from the Brazilian Culture.

Where: Rua Teixeira de Melo, Ipanema.
When: February 23rd, 2 p.m.

Suvaco de Cristo

Best Blocos in Rio. O Suvaco de Cristo é um dos blocos da Zona Sul.

Known as Christ’s armpit in English, this Bloco received this name due to the place where it’s located. People usually say that this Bloco got this name because of Tom Jobim, a famous Brazilian musician, that used to say that everything in his house always got mold because he lived under the Christ the Redeemer’s armpit. This Bloco is less crowded than the other Blocos and it’s possible to have lots of fun there!

Where: Posto 10, Recreio dos Bandeirantes.
When: March 3rd, 3 p.m.

Cordão do Boitatá

Best Blocos in Rio. A decoração do Cordão do Boitatá é lindíssima!

This Bloco was created by a group of students and musicians in donwtown,1996. It attracts millions of people per year and can last several hours. People can see lots of representations of the Brazilian Culture in its beautiful decoration! It’s definitely something that you can’t miss if you come to Rio during Carnival!

Where: Praça XV, Centro.
When: March 3rd,

Céu na Terra

Best Blocos in Rio. O bloco Céu na Terra é famoso por suas cores incríveis.

Céu na Terra can be classified as the most colorful Bloco. It’s songs are full of joy and are also very creative! It’s possible to see people wearing colorful and diversified costumes there! Around 20.000 people go to Céu na Terra every year and make this time of the year something really special!

Where: Largo dos Guimarães, Centro.
When: March 2nd, 7 a.m.


Best Blocos in Rio. O Monobloco é um dos blocos mais conhecidos do Rio de Janeiro.

This is one of the most popular Blocos in Rio. One particularity about this Bloco is that the participants of this street party use Samba Instruments to play Samba, Funk, Ciranda and other Brazilian Rhythms. It gathers many people every year and it’s a wonderful experience! If you come to Rio, you have to go to this Bloco!

Where: Rua Primeiro de Março, Centro.
When: March 10th, 8 a.m.

Que Merda é Essa?!

Best Blocos in Rio. Brasileiros curtindo o bloco Que Merda é essa?

Que Merda é Essa?! gathers different kinds of people every Carnival, including a huge amount of foreigners and young people. The main purpose of this Bloco is to bring together different types of musicians, such as composers, singers and amateurs. It’s an excellent Bloco to celebrate Carnival with your friends!

Where: Rua Garcia D’Ávila, Ipanema.
When:March 3rd, 2 p.m.

Now that you have a list with the Rio street Carnival, you can enjoy Carnival with your friends!
See you in our next Dica!

Kisses and hugs from Rio.

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