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Welcome to the RioLIVE! Blog, where we bring the vibrant and captivating experiences of our Portuguese courses in Brazil to life in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. Our blog aims to showcase the unique and immersive adventures that our students embark on while learning the Portuguese language during our RioLIVE! activities. Through daily postings, we capture and share the awe-inspiring moments and picturesque landscapes that our students encounter during their time in this lively city. Whether it’s exploring the iconic beaches, diving into the rich cultural heritage, or savoring the tantalizing flavors of Brazilian cuisine, RioLIVE! Blog is your window to the extraordinary outside experiences our courses offer in Rio de Janeiro. Join us as we delve into the beauty and excitement of this enchanting city, one picture at a time.

Playing Beach Volley

Playing Beach Volley We went to play volleyball on the infamous Copacabana beach. Pablo brought the school´s very own net and ball and we were off! The weather was perfect,


World Cup and Portuguese

World Cup and Portuguese Ayer fuimos a ver el partido de Brasil contra Camerún, cerca de la playa en el fan fest. El partido fue muy emocionante, ya que Brasil

Ejemplo con la palabra tá en portugués: A galera tá animada no Maracanã.

World Cup at Copacabana

World Cup at Copacabana Das Spiel Brasilien gegen Mexico zusammen mit den anderen Studenten und den Lehrern aus meiner Schule zu sehen, war sehr toll. Man konnte sich mal ausserhalb

Signos del Zodiaco en Portugués. Os signos do zodíaco

World Cup in Rio

World Cup in Rio Mi primera Copa del Mundo disfrutada en el país organizador, y en un lugar maravilloso, la playa de Copacabana. Fantástico! Miguel Alegre, Perú. The dream of


Visiting Aterro do Flamengo

Visiting Aterro do Flamengo Fue una caminada saludable y con vistas muy bonitas de la playa y de los alrededores. recomiendo esta actividad !! Miguel Alegre, Perú Aterro do Flamengo


Visiting the Sugar Loaf

Visiting the Sugar Loaf Í gær fór ég með fjórum nemendum og einum kennara að skoða næstvinsælasta ferðamannastað Rio de Janeiro á eftir Kristsstyttunni, sem er fjallið Pão de Açúcar. Við


Cycling at Lagoa

Cycling at Lagoa La actividad constó de un paseo alrededor de la laguna Rodrigo de Freitas en bicicleta. En esta actividad pudimos disfrutar de las bellas vistas de la laguna


Visiting Confeitaria Colombo

Visiting Confeitaria Colombo 在Confeitaria Colombo和同學們一起欣賞內部堂皇的裝潢, 聽著鋼琴的音樂,品嚐好吃的甜點,真的好高興。 Po ling Chan, China. Located in the central part of Rio de Janeiro, visiting Confeitaria Colombo is a very touristic activity here in the central region


Catacumba’s trails

Catacumba’s trails Another escape from Rio is the Parque da Catacumba, a pretty green park close to the Lagoa. It has some cute short trails through secondary Atlantic forest and