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Welcome to the RioLIVE! Blog, where we bring the vibrant and captivating experiences of our Portuguese courses in Brazil to life in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. Our blog aims to showcase the unique and immersive adventures that our students embark on while learning the Portuguese language during our RioLIVE! activities. Through daily postings, we capture and share the awe-inspiring moments and picturesque landscapes that our students encounter during their time in this lively city. Whether it’s exploring the iconic beaches, diving into the rich cultural heritage, or savoring the tantalizing flavors of Brazilian cuisine, RioLIVE! Blog is your window to the extraordinary outside experiences our courses offer in Rio de Janeiro. Join us as we delve into the beauty and excitement of this enchanting city, one picture at a time.

Meeting Favela Dona Marta

Meeting Favela Dona Marta   Ieri abbiamo visitato la comunita` di Santa Marta (piu` comunemente  conosciuta come “favela”). Questa comunita´ si trova nel quartiere di Botafogo che abbiamo raggiunto prendendo


Samba class

Samba class Ieri siamo andati ad una lezione di samba vicino alla scuola. Eravamo un gruppo di circa 15 persone. Quando siamo arrivati ci ha accolto una ragazza molto graziosa


Enjoying Cristo Redentor

Enjoying Cristo Redentor Symbol Rio de Janeiro – statua Chrystusa Zbawiciela gorujacego nad miastem – byl celem naszej poniedzialkowej wycieczki. Na szczyt mozna dostac sie kolejka. Zajmuje to kilka minut,

Los cubiertos en portugués:A colher, O copo, O garfo, O prato, A faca, O guardanapo.

Selarón Stairway

Selarón Stairway El viernes 19 de Mayo nos encontramos con muchas personas en la escuela a las 5 pm. Había personas de todas las nacionalidades como Estados Unidos, Espana, Polonia,Inglaterra,


Visiting Niterói

Visiting Niterói Elke dag wordt er vanuit school een activiteit georganiseerd en gisteren was dat het Museu de Arte Contemporânea. Vanuit school zijn we vertrokken met z´n alle en hebben we

Verbos para presentarse en portugués. Ejemplo en portugués: Meu nome é Anna e eu sou alemã.

Quinta da Boa Vista Park

Quinta da Boa Vista Park  Yesterday we took the Metro to the Park  Quinta da Boa Vista. I enjoy using the Metro, because of the people and experience. It was


Beach Volley

Beach Volley We went to Copacabana beach to play Volleyball. The weather and the scenery were perfect (not too hot!) and we all had a great time. Everyone was really


Enjoying Parque Lage

Enjoying Parque Lage I always wondered why people talked about Parque Lage in Brazil. For me, I thought it was just a large park the first time I heard the


Northeastern Fair

Northeastern Fair   Á föstudagskvöldið fór hópur nemenda og kennara málaskólans á stað hér í Ríó sem kallast Feira de São Cristóvão. Þar er boðið upp á ríkulegt úrval matar