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Welcome to the RioLIVE! Blog, where we bring the vibrant and captivating experiences of our Portuguese courses in Brazil to life in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. Our blog aims to showcase the unique and immersive adventures that our students embark on while learning the Portuguese language during our RioLIVE! activities. Through daily postings, we capture and share the awe-inspiring moments and picturesque landscapes that our students encounter during their time in this lively city. Whether it’s exploring the iconic beaches, diving into the rich cultural heritage, or savoring the tantalizing flavors of Brazilian cuisine, RioLIVE! Blog is your window to the extraordinary outside experiences our courses offer in Rio de Janeiro. Join us as we delve into the beauty and excitement of this enchanting city, one picture at a time.

Playing beach soccer in Rio

A National Passion

Giuseppe Gemelli, Italy. What an incredible experience for these students to be able to play soccer on the iconic Copacabana Beach! It’s a unique opportunity to experience the passion for

Tarde na Mureta na Urca - RJ

A priceless afternoon

Ir a conocer Praia vermelha, apreciar el Pão de Açúcar y tomar una buena foto no tiene precio. Caminar por Urca observando el atardecer y teniendo un paisaje hermoso de

Learning Capoeira

Fun rythm of Capoeira

Una tarde de capoeira! La mejor manera de conocer una pequeña parte de una cultura llena de historia. Una gran experiencia donde no solo se aprenden algunos movimientos sino que

Final do campeonato cario no Maracanã

Best first time ever!

Attending the final game of the Cariocão at the Maracanã Stadium was an electrifying experience. From the moment we stepped into the arena, it pulsated with the passion and energy

Brazilian culture with samba at Pedra do Sal

A magical feeling!

Pedra do Sal has been my favorite place to go to in Rio. There is something magical about so many people gathering around and wholeheartedly singing along or dancing to

Bike Itaú na Lagoa - RJ

Hike and a bike ride!

Very adventurous and exciting trip to the lagoa. We did a short 15-25 minute hike to start things off to have a wonderful view of: Pão de açúcar and Dois