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Welcome to the RioLIVE! Blog, where we bring the vibrant and captivating experiences of our Portuguese courses in Brazil to life in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. Our blog aims to showcase the unique and immersive adventures that our students embark on while learning the Portuguese language during our RioLIVE! activities. Through daily postings, we capture and share the awe-inspiring moments and picturesque landscapes that our students encounter during their time in this lively city. Whether it’s exploring the iconic beaches, diving into the rich cultural heritage, or savoring the tantalizing flavors of Brazilian cuisine, RioLIVE! Blog is your window to the extraordinary outside experiences our courses offer in Rio de Janeiro. Join us as we delve into the beauty and excitement of this enchanting city, one picture at a time.

Walking around Porto Maravilha

Building nice memories!

We had an interesting trip to Gamboa and the murals by the artists of South America, the cruise ship was in town, with parties on the shore. We toured close

Visit Rio and see Sugar Loaf

Life is good in Rio!

Me ha encantado la excursión al Pan de Azúcar!!! Hoy era mi último día en Río de Janeiro e ir a Pão de Açúcar ha sido el mejor plan posible

Real gabinete de leitura no centro do Rio de Janeiro.

Must-see destination!

Visitamos lugares históricos en el centro de Río de Janeiro como, el Real Gabinete Português de Leitura, Largo de São Francisco de Paula, igreja da Candelária, el centro cultural Banco

Parque Lage and nature - RJ

Using charm again!

Måndagens utflykt började vid skola där vår internationella grupp packade in sig i två bilar och åkte till Parque Lage. Parken är väldigt intressant med massor av tropiska träd och

fun and lots of partying in the hot nightclub

A hot and lively Friday

fredag dro RioLIVE! til lapa. Vi møtes først ved skolen og tok dermed metro inn til lapa. Der dro vi først på en samba bar. Baren hadde ett band som

Parque do Catete no Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Discovering catete!

A pleasurable way to spend an afternoon in an incredible building with history of Brazil specifically Rio de Janeiro. The development of this beautiful city, the several kings and government