Rio’s adventure: history and beer

first time in the Portuguese royal cabinet

On Wednesday, Lucas, one of our teachers, took us on an excursion of the Historic Center of Rio. Our adventure began as we explored the enormous open air market just up from the Centro metro station. Then we headed to the literature fan’s dream: the Real Gabinete-truly one of the world’s most beautiful libraries. Lucas then lead us on a tour of the Rio Bank of Brasil’s Cultural Center(CCBB) which was presenting an exhibition of Evandro Teixeira, a photojournalist who documented the military dictatorships in both Chile and Brazil. We then headed over to the imperial Palace where the Royal Family of Portugal ruled and we finished up by sitting down at a restaurant in a very picturesque side street and had some well-deserved beers. Well done, Lucas.

David Fisher, United States

learning about history at ccbb

Exploring the Historic Center with this group was an unforgettable adventure! Everyone was captivated from the moment we set foot in the bustling Uruguaiana market to our final destination, where we savored ice-cold beers in a spot where Brazilians love to unwind after a long day. Learning Portuguese while getting a taste of the city added an exciting dimension to our journey.

friends visiting france-brazil house

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Happy hour on Ouvidor Street

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