Road in Portuguese

23 de October de 2014

What’s up people! In our Dica today, we are going to learn about the road in Portuguese.

How to say Road in Portuguese?

To travel around the city we have to use the roads and streets. We have some words to describe different paths that we can take to travel by car, bus, moto, etc… You are going to learn these words in Portuguese and their definitions.

To begin with, let’s understand what is a transport route. A transport route is every surface on which vehicles, people and animals circulate. Therefore, tracks, sidewalks, islands, etc. are considered to be roads. When narrowing down the concept for land roads, two important components are taken into account: urban and rural roads.

Let’s get to know the most common names of roads:

Rua (Street) – It’s a common public urban road. Usually, there’s a lot of types of houses and buildings on it.
Avenida (Avenue) – It’s a wide urban public road. Wider than a street and the main access among the city’s main points.
Estrada (Road) – It’s a rural public road, many times they are not paved. It’s more common in the countryside or farther areas of the city. These roads have historically been built for the circulation of transport vehicles.
Rodovia (Highway) – These are paved public roads. They are rural and paved roads, that is, they are intercity roads where vehicles run at high speed.
Via expressa (Express way) – It’s a road designed for high speed traffic. Also known as Interstate or Parkway.
A Travessa (Side street) – It’s a smaller road than a Rua. It’s usually diagonally across two streets.
O beco / A viela (Alley) – Small, narrow street.

And do you how we call the part of the street that only people can walk on? In Portuguese the sidewalk is a calçada. Fun fact: the part that people walk on in the beach is called calçadão. 

Vocabulary list

Now let’s learn how to say the words that you’ve learned.

A rua
A avenida
A estrada
A rodovia
A via expressa
A travessa
O beco / A viela

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Examples with the types of roads in Brazil

Let’s see some examples with the different types of roads in Brazil:

A Rio & Learn fica na Rua Siqueira Campos.
Rio & Learn is situated at Siqueira Campos Street.

A Avenida Atlântica corta toda a orla de Copacabana.
Avenida Atlântica cuts through the entire Copacabana shoreline.

A Avenida Brasil conecta a zona central para a zona oeste da cidade do Rio de Janeiro.
Avenida Brasil connects downtown to Rio de Janeiro’s west side.

A Via Dutra liga o estado do Rio de Janeiro ao estado de São Paulo.
Via Dutra connects Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

O centro da cidade do Rio de Janeiro tem muitas travessas.
There are a lot of side streets in downtown Rio.

A Estrada Reta de Piranema liga os municípios de Seropédica, onde fica a Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro,  Itaguaí e Santa Cruz, onde está a Casa da Moeda do Brasil.
Reta de Piranema Parkway connects counties such as Seropédica,  where the Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro is located, Itaguaí and Santa Cruz, home of Casa da Moeda do Brasil.

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Now that we know the different types of roads we can venture throughout Brazil. Let’s go?

XOXO Rio & Learn!
Bye people!

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