Elas sabem falar português. Saber in Portuguese.

Hello dear students! How are you on this beautiful day?
Ready to study Portuguese? So, come with me and let’s learn the verb saber in Portuguese in this Dica.

Verb Saber in Portuguese

First of all, let’s understand what this verb means. You can use saber in Portuguese when you have knowledge of a subject and also when you have some information about something. You can also use it to express an ability that you have. To remember all the forms of the verb Saber check out this Dica about conjugation.

Examples with saber in Portuguese

Eu sei o que você fez no verão passado.
I know what you did last summer.

Nós sabemos andar de skate.
We know how to skate.

Eu sei como conseguir o visto de estudante no Brasil.
I know how to get a student visa in Brasil.

Elas sabem tocar violino.
They know how to play the violin.

Ele sabe que o instagram da Rio & Learn é legal!
He knows that Rio & Learn’s instagram is cool. 

Saber and conhecer in Portuguese

Você conhece o Diogo? Saber and conhecer in Portuguese.

Do you know the difference between saber and conhecer in Portuguese? We have different uses for each of them. Usually we use saber to express information and abilities while conhecer is for people and places. Want to know more? Check out our dica about this.

Examples with saber and conhecer

Eu conheço o Igor Severo.
I know Igor Severo.

Eu sei que o Igor é severo.
I know that Igor is severe.

Do you like that pun? hahaha Severo is his last name, but it also means severe in Portuguese. (True story!)

Difference between sabia and soube

eles souberam a fofoca pela internet.

Now we are going to compare two forms of the verb saber in Portuguese in the past. When you use Sabia, the verb in the imperfect tense, you are saying that you know something by your intuition, in your guts.


Ela trouxe um guarda-chuva porque ela sabia que ia chover.
She brought an umbrella because she knew it was going to rain.

Eu sabia que você ia cair! Eu te avisei.
I knew that you were going to fall. I told you so.

On the other hand, when you use Soube, in the perfect tense, you are saying that you know it because someone told you. When you use Soube sometimes is almost like a gossip, fofoca.


Você soube que o John chegou no Rio ontem?
Did you know that John arrived in Rio yesterday?

Nós soubemos que ontem teve RioLIVE! Lagoon.
We knew that yesterday was RioLIVE! Lagoon


Well, that’s it people!
We hope that you enjoyed today’s Dica.
You studied the verb saber in Portuguese, therefore you can now use it!
Tell us what you know about Rio de Janeiro.
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