Security and Safety in Portuguese

safety signs in portuguese: respeitamos as sinalizações durante a riolive!

What’s up, people? In our Dica today, we will talk about Safety and Security in Portuguese. Whether you’re in Brazil to study, work, or enjoy the vibrant culture and stunning landscapes, knowing how to talk about safety in Portuguese is crucial. In this post, we’ll explore essential vocabulary and phrases that will help you navigate various situations with confidence.

Vocabulary List: Safety and Security in Portuguese

Before we dive into practical scenarios and language structures, here is a list of essential Portuguese words related to safety and security:

SegurançaSecurity / Safety
Vigilância Surveillance
Risco Risk
Polícia Police
Socorro Help/Assistance
Câmera de segurançaSecurity camera
Body guard taking care of the safety beach.

Examples of Security and Safety Vocabulary in Portuguese

  1. Segurança (Security)
    • PT: A segurança do evento será reforçada.
    • EN: The event’s security will be reinforced.
  2. Seguro (Safe)
    • PT: É seguro caminhar nesta área à noite?
    • EN: Is it safe to walk in this area at night?
  3. Proteção (Protection)
    • PT: Use protetor solar para maior proteção contra o sol.
    • EN: Use sunscreen for greater protection against the sun.
  4. Perigo (Danger)
    • PT: Há perigo de deslizamento naquela montanha.
    • EN: There is a danger of landslides on that mountain.
  5. Cuidado (Care/Caution)
    • PT: Tenha cuidado ao atravessar a rua.
    • EN: Be careful when crossing the street.
  6. Alerta (Alert)
    • PT: Mantenha-se em alerta para avisos de tempestade.
    • EN: Stay alert for storm warnings.
  7. Vigilância (Surveillance)
    • PT: A área é monitorada por câmeras de vigilância 24 horas.
    • EN: The area is monitored by 24-hour surveillance cameras.
  8. Emergência (Emergency)
    • PT: Em caso de emergência, ligue para 193.
    • EN: In case of an emergency, call 193.
  9. Risco (Risk)
    • PT: Há um risco elevado de incêndios durante o verão.
    • EN: There is a high risk of fires during the summer.
  10. Precaução (Precaution)
    • PT: Como precaução, vamos evacuar o prédio.
    • EN: As a precaution, we will evacuate the building.
  11. Polícia (Police)
    • PT: A polícia chegou rapidamente ao local do crime.
    • EN: The police quickly arrived at the crime scene.
  12. Socorro (Help/Assistance)
    • PT: Socorro! Preciso de ajuda aqui!
    • EN: Help! I need assistance here!
  13. Fechadura (Lock)
    • PT: A fechadura da porta está quebrada.
    • EN: The door lock is broken.
  14. Alarme (Alarm)
    • PT: O alarme do carro disparou no meio da noite.
    • EN: The car alarm went off in the middle of the night.
  15. Câmera de segurança (Security camera)
    • PT: Instalamos câmeras de segurança por toda a casa.
    • EN: We installed security cameras all around the house.

These sentences will help you not only learn the words but also how they are typically used in context, enhancing your ability to communicate about safety and security in Portuguese.

Security in Brazil.

Using the Imperative for Safety and Security

When discussing safety and security, giving clear and concise commands can be vital, especially in emergencies. In Portuguese, the imperative is used to give orders, make requests, or offer advice. Here’s how you can use the imperative form when talking about safety:

Positive Imperative

  • Fique alerta! (Stay alert!)
  • Proteja seus pertences! (Protect your belongings!)
  • Use o cinto de segurança! (Use the seatbelt!)
  • Feche a porta à noite! (Lock the door at night!)
  • Instale um alarme! (Install an alarm!)

Negative Imperative

  • Não fale com estranhos! (Don’t talk to strangers!)
  • Não deixe suas coisas sem vigilância! (Don’t leave your things unattended!)
  • Não corra riscos desnecessários! (Don’t take unnecessary risks!)
  • Não ignore os sinais de perigo! (Don’t ignore danger signs!)
  • Não abra a porta para desconhecidos! (Don’t open the door for strangers!)

Imperative Exercises in Portuguese

Safety and Security Imperative Exercise

Instructions: For each scenario below, write a command using the imperative form that you would use to ensure safety or security. Include both the affirmative and negative forms where appropriate. If you want, you can write your answers in the comments at the end of our Dica!

Scenario 1: You see someone leaving their car without locking it.

  • Affirmative imperative (tell them what to do):
  • Negative imperative (tell them what not to do):

Scenario 2: You are with a friend at night and notice a suspicious figure following you.

  • Affirmative imperative (tell your friend what to do):
  • Negative imperative (tell your friend what not to do):

Scenario 3: Your child is about to cross the street without looking both ways.

  • Affirmative imperative (tell your child what to do):
  • Negative imperative (tell your child what not to do):

Scenario 4: You are teaching someone how to set up a home security system.

  • Affirmative imperative (instruct them on what to do):

Scenario 5: Someone is about to touch an electrical wire that you suspect might be live.

  • Affirmative imperative (warn them what to do):
  • Negative imperative (warn them what not to do):

General Imperative Exercise

Complete the phrases with the verbs below in the right form of the imperative:

parar / prestar / jogar / olhar / tocar / beber

a) __________ para os dois lados antes de atravessar a rua!

b) __________ o carro no cruzamento.

c) Não __________ um líquido sem saber se pode te fazer mal.

d) Não __________ nos cabos de alta tensão! Você pode levar um choque.

e) __________ atenção nas placas de sinalização!

f) Nunca __________ lixo no chão.

Last Thoughts

Understanding and being able to use these terms and phrases will not only improve your Portuguese but also help ensure your safety and security in Brazil. Remember, being cautious and prepared is key to enjoying all the wonderful experiences this country has to offer! Next time you have a holiday in Brazil, don’t forget about this useful information! See you in our next Dica, and make sure you don’t miss any of these! Stay safe, and happy learning!

Hugs from Rio & Learn!

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Suggestions of Answers to Safety and Security Imperative Exercise

Scenario 1:

  • Affirmative: Feche o carro.
  • Negative: Não deixe o carro aberto.

Scenario 2:

  • Affirmative: Acelere o passo.
  • Negative: Não olhe para trás agora.

Scenario 3:

  • Affirmative: Olhe para ambos os lados antes de atravessar.
  • Negative: Não cruze sem olhar.

Scenario 4:

  • Affirmative: Conecte o sistema ao aplicativo.

Scenario 5:

  • Affirmative: Afaste-se do fio.
  • Negative: Não toque no fio.

Answers to General Imperative Exercise

a) Olhe para os dois lados antes de atravessar a rua!

b) Pare o carro no cruzamento.

c) Não beba um líquido sem saber se pode te fazer mal.

d) Não toque nos cabos de alta tensão! Você pode levar um choque.

e) Preste atenção nas placas de sinalização!

f) Nunca jogue lixo no chão.

This post is also available in: English Português (Portuguese) Español (Spanish)

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