Salgueiro Convida

Salgueiro Convida

Fun at Salgueiro Convida.
Fun at Salgueiro Convida.

Super soiree dans la meilleure ecole de samba de rio, Nous avons danse au rythme endiable de la “bateria furiosa”. Un samedi soir incroyable entoure de “carioca”, oubliez lappa: Le samedi soir tout se passe a “Quadra do salgueiro”.

Chistophe Pham, France.

Our RioLIVE! on the last weekend was a visit at Salgueiro Samba School, located at the north zone of Rio de Janeiro. This event was a warm up for the carnival next year. Besides Salgueiro, the schools Beija-Flor and Estácio de Sá were present and did a nice performance for the audience there.

It was a great opportunity for the students to know a little bit about carnival in Rio. Groups such as, the dancers, Velha Guarda, Baianas and the Drums made our night even better. Besides that, the students could practice Portuguese listening to the songs and enriching their vocabulary even more.

Listening samba, we had an amazing night, where we danced samba, talked (in Portuguese), drank and had a lot of fun. Our Portuguese students can’t wait for the next event at Salgueiro. Come you too and take part in our RioLIVE! Activities.

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