Salgueiro Samba School in Rio de Janeiro

28 de February de 2017

Salgueiro Samba School in Rio de Janeiro

Salgueiro Samba School in Rio de Janeiro. They had a lot of fun at the salgueiro's court.
Hello, guys! The Brazilian Carnaval is about to finish so today we will teach you a little bit more about this special event. We will talk about Salgueiro Samba school inΒ Rio de Janeiro.

AcadΓͺmicos do Salgueiro school or frequently known as Salgueiro was created on March 15th, in 1953 through the fusion of two samba schools in the the Morro do Salgueiro. Those schools were called Depois Eu Digo and Azul e Branco. The colors red and white were chosen due to the colors of the Orisha XangΓ΄, the protector of the stone quarry, since the Morro do Salgueiro is a big mountain.

The school has won 9 championships titles of the Grupo Especial do Carnaval Carioca and it is also one of the winners of the Golden Standard, being awarded as the best school seven times.

Salgueiro’s Orchestra

Salgueiro Samba School Rio de Janeiro. The Furiosa Orchestra makes everybody dancing.

Its orchestra is called Furiosa because when someone hears it is impossible to stand still. Everybody can feel the rhythm beating inside their hearts. The school is also known to be the first samba school to accept women in its orchestra. It was a huge landmark to Salgueiro because it inspired other schools to do the same.

Salgueiro Samba School court is localized in the Silvia Teles street, nΒΊ 104, in AndaraΓ­, a popular neighborhood in the north zone of Rio de Janeiro. If you want to learn more aboutΒ Samba Schools in Rio de Janeiro, you can participate on our RioLIVE! activities and visit the Salgueiro Court with us!

See you on our next Dica!
Huge kiss and have a great Carnaval!

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